will my T-Mobile monthly wireless bill increase after merging with AT&T?

By: t-marco March 21st, 2011

Probably this is the biggest question that every T-Mobile customers have. Yesterday AT&T agreed to buy T-Mobile USA directly from DT (Germany). But How this is really affect the wireless industry in the USA? O better how this is going to affect T-MO’s customers after the merging?.

Coverage : Analysts said that the combination of the two networks would likely provide a strong nationwide network.

Plans : it looks like a huge disadvantage for customers . AT&T is a carrier with higher plan prices. Absorbing  a smaller rival with more competitive definitely will affect us in some way.

LTE vs HSPA+ : “Merging the two networks means that you’re going to have a nationwide 3G and 4G network that’s really able to serve almost Americans,” AT&T said it would be able to bring a high-speed 4G connection to 95 percent of the U.S. population.

Phones : Definitely AT&T has more options in phones, and like probably many are expecting.. the iPhone 4 and soon the iPhone 5. But this it won happen until the fusion is complete, so in one year.

Is definitely your choice to remain as T-Mo customer or just leave and chose Verizon or Sprint.. but just wait, this will take 12 months until AT&T absorb T-Mobile USA.


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