Verizon to launch Global Access Internet Wireless

By: T-Marco March 3rd, 2009

Verizon Wireless is ready to launch a new UBS wireless modem, with a sim card?  Verizon Wireless and ZTE mobile will launch soon the first USB modem what not only will work in CDMA/ EvDO ( in USA), but also will work in GSM/UMTS> , in 850 and 1900. There is not mention about frequencies that Europe or Asia so far but we are sure, European and Asian frequencies will be included.

“Your GlobalAccess wireless devices comes with a SIM card
installed which along with a Global Feature on your account,
enables you to access data while outside the U.S. Should your
SIM card be lost or damaged, please follow these instructions
for the installation of your new SIM:
1. Remove SIM card from the outer card being careful not to
touch the gold contacts.
2. Insert SIM card into the slot by opening the SIM card cover
located underneath USB modem. Hold the card so the
writing on the back of the card is facing you and the gold
contact points are properly aligned with the SIM card slot.
3. Insert SIM card with the Verizon Wireless/Vodafone logo
facing you into the slot.
The SIM card may remain in the wireless device permanently
once installed (No need to remove).”

My question is if the SIM card only can be used out of the country witn 850 and 1900 bands (GSM/UMTS) only South and Central American uses those bands too for GSM and 3G.

“NationalAccess — NationalAccess is the Verizon Wireless
national wireless Internet service. With the power of
Verizon Wireless, users can browse the Internet and view
email attachments and business applications from a
notebook computer at typical speeds of 60 to 80 Kbps and
bursts up to 144 Kbps.*”  only 144kbps?

Requirements :

• You can get a new wireless device every year with
Annual Upgrade.
Sign up for a 2-year agreement on a Calling Plan of at least
$49.99 and you can purchase a new wireless device at its
promotional price through My Verizon every year with a
2-year renewal (upgrade fee applies).
• If you’re using more minutes than your Calling Plan
includes, we’ll let you know with Minute Check.
Minute Check will periodically notify you through My
Verizon if you’re exceeding your plan allowance and let
you know of other Calling Plan options that may save you

Stay tuned for more information

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