T-Mobile HTC HD2 has more ROM and RAM than the original HD2

By: t-marco January 24th, 2010

HTC has just recently added on its website the new T-Mobile HD2. Luckily for T-Mobile users, this version will have more RAM and ROM compared with the Original (European) HD2. The European Version only has 512Mb and 448Mb of ROM and RAM respectively. In the other hand, the magenta version will carry 1Gb and 578 Mb or ROM and RAM. . This is a big improvement for HD2, running already WM6.5 but probably upgradable to run Windows Mobile 7.

We added a comparison of 2 T-Mobile Windows Mobile phones, the HD2 and The Touch Pro2. The difference is clearly noticeable. We are just waiting also to compare the HD2 with the new Diamond 3, also coming to T-Mobile.

Check the comparison chart after the jump!

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HTC Diamond 3 packing Windows Mobile 7 coming to T-Mobile and AT&T

By: t-marco January 22nd, 2010

Windows Mobile 7 is getting closer and it will hit T-Mobile and AT&T in Q3 2010. HTC is cooking a new WM phone, the Obsession aka Diamond 3 (GSM/HSPA version). This is going to be the first WM7 phone for T-Mobile.  HTC has decided only launch a GSM version  and not a CDMA because the poor sales from Verizon and Sprint.

The Diamond 3 will feature a 3.7 ” AMOLED screen, 1Ghz processor and WiFi. T-Mobile will launch soon the HTC HD2, and together with the Diamond 3, will give good options for those WM lovers.

Here  full specifications after the jump

T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 and Dash 3G getting Windows 6.5

By: t-marco January 13th, 2010

T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 and Dash 3G getting WM 6.5

T-Mobile is upgrading the Touch Pro 2 and the Dash 3G with the new windows mobile 6.5.x. We exactly don’t know what version T-Mobile is getting. Maybe just the 6.5 or the 6.5.3.


For the uninitiated, the T-Mobile Dash 3G is a quad-band GSM smartphone with HSDPA support and a 528 MHz processor under the hood. It also comes with a QVGA screen, a 2 megapixel camera, built-in GPS, Wi-Fi connectivity and a QWERTY keyboard. As for the T-Mobile Touch Pro 2, it features the same 528 MHz CPU, WiFi, GPS and a WVGA display.

More information soon

T-Mobile proudly shows us the HTC HD2

By: t-marco January 8th, 2010

T-Mobile HTC HD2

T-Mobile has officially announced the HTC HD2 coming this Spring 2010. T-Mobile will be the first and only carrier to have the HD2 that features multitouch and you can zoom in while you play videos. T-Mobile is back in the track in offering great phones like Motorola Cliq, Nexus One and now the HTC HD2.. if you are Windows Mobile lover, I believe, you wont be disappointed with this phone.

After the jump, full specifications about the HTC HD2

HTC HD2 officially coming to T-Mobile this Spring

By: t-marco January 7th, 2010

HTC-HD2 for T-Mobile

T-Mobile has announced that it will be the exclusive provider of the HTC HD2 in the U.S. The HD2 is possibly the most cutting-edge model available today with Microsoft’s mobile operating system; it has 1 GHz processor, and ports a 4.3-inch WVGA capacitive display with multi-touch support. With the ROM leaked few weeks ago, we knew that the HTC HD 2 will arrive to T-Mobile sooner or later.

T-Mobile is only saying that the debut will be in the spring. The price for the U.S. version is still unknown.

Prove of the HTC HD2 ROM with T-Mobile, now in Video!

By: t-marco December 22nd, 2009

htc hd 2 with t-mo rom

Few days ago, we showed you some pics of the HTC HD2 ROM proving that it will have some T-Mobile USA configuration, like Telenav. Now, there is a video showing this the ROM working on the HTC HD 2. You can clearly see the Stick Together pink square when the phone turns on and off, a web2go  and T-Mobile buckup icon on the menu. This ROM 2.0.1 its only for testing, maybe T-Mobile is preparing a new one coming soon. The rumors are getting more clear and we just are waiting for the first pictures of the HTC HD 2 with a T-Mobile logo on the front and the myfaves logo on the back.

Stay tune for more information!


HTC HD2 ROM leaked… says coming to T-Mobile?

By: t-marco December 18th, 2009

HTC-HD2 for T-MobileHTC HD2 ROM with T-Mobile

WMExperts got hands on the ROM of the new HTC HD2 USA version. At this point we’re looking at a new 2.01 version of the HD2 software in the T-Mobile version. WMExperts also claims a March 2010 release date. However there are some rumors about coming earlier than March.

HTC HD 2 hitting USA in Q1 2010…. T-Mobile maybe?

By: t-marco November 4th, 2009

HTC HD2 for T-Mobile USA

HTC has just announce the avalibality of the new Windows Mobile phone, the HD2. Europe and Asia will be the lucky ones here. They will start getting the HD2 in the few weeks.  What about USA?, HTC has confirmed the HTC HD will be available in Q1 2010 on a mayor carrier.. AT&T? or T-Mobile?..As you remember, there are rumors about the HTC DH2 hitting the magenta carrier.