Motorola Preparing a Droid Phone, Bar edition?

By: t-marco December 11th, 2009

Motorola Droid Bar Edition

Seams like Motorola is getting ready for a second Droid phone, this time, just a Bar.  Today FCC just passed a new Motorola phone, IHDP56KT1. This new phone features dual band CDMA-EVDO A, Standalone GPS, Bluetooth 2,0 + EDR and Quadband GSM (850, 900, 1800 and 1900) for global use and WiFi.

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Dolphin browser adds multitouch.

By: t-marco November 30th, 2009


The new Dolphin browser is not only available in the Samsung Star or the new Samsung T949 for T-Mobile. Dolphin is also available for Android phone but now, is adding the multi touch capability only now for the Droid, we just hope to get this application in one of 2 phones that T-Mobile carries, like the Motorola Cliq or My touch 3G.

Android 2.0 officially announced

By: t-marco October 27th, 2009

Android 2.0

A while ago, Google announced the new Android 1.6 , now, the new Version 2.0 is officially announced. The new Android 2.0 “Eclair” contains two very important sections: SDK support and a comprehensive list of changes in the latest version. Here are the major changes us lay folk are going to care about:

Motorola preparing a new phone, The Devour

By: t-marco October 20th, 2009

Motorola Devour

Motorola has just launched, only for T-Mobile costumers, the new Motorola Cliq or Dext for other markets. The second is the Sholes, exclusively offered by Verizon Wireless. But, we now that Motorola is planing to launch even more phones. The third  new Motorola phone (maybe Android)  is called Devour, recently passed by WiFi alliance.

Will T-Mobile Dash 3G get WiMo 6.5?

By: t-marco October 6th, 2009


Just today Microsoft has announced the availability of the new Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade to some WM phones in the States.  The list? very short  but the way. HTC Dash, Snap and Touch Pro2, and the Samsung Jack and Epix.. hold on?… did they day HTC Dash 3G.? Seams the T-Mobile Dash 3G will get the upgrade soon, after the other carriers will get it first.

Motorola may sell the Cliq to other US operators.

By: t-marco September 15th, 2009

Motorola Cliq not only fot T-Mobile

Motorola is in talks with large U.S. operators other than initial partner T-Mobile USA to sell its Cliq smartphone, but wouldn’t elaborate on key elements about the new product, including pricing.

Motorola Morrison will be announced on Sept 10th

By: t-marco September 8th, 2009

Motorola Morrison

Motorola will announce 2 Android phone this Sept 10th. One will be the Motorola Morrison coming to T-Mobile late September.

Samsung U450, aka Intensity also coming to Altell

By: t-marco August 26th, 2009


The new Samsung Intensity U450 is gonna be available for Verizon Wireless on Sept 8th according with BGR. But seams that the new touch screen phone is not gonna be available only for Verizon. According with, the Samsung SCH-U450 will be available also to Altell.