T-Mobile WebConnect Jet and Tap already available

By: t-marco November 11th, 2009


Back in September, We were the first ones to tell you about the new USB stick modem for T-Mobile, the new WebConnect Jet. Right on time T-Mobile just launched today the new USB stick modem. Additionally, the another cheap phone has been launched today, the new T-Mobile Tap.  It features a 2 megapixel cam, GPS, stereo Bluetooth, and a choice of twocolors for $79.99 on contract. The Jet is free. 

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T-Mobile webConnect Jet will be launched on Nov 11th

By: t-marco October 1st, 2009


As we told you before, (before than anyone), T-Mobile is preparing to launch a new USB stick called webConnect Jet.  What is the difference between the webConnect vs the webConnect Jet?, well, the first usb stick can be use for international roaming (2G and 3G) while the new Jet, is only for domestic use. Means, in the States, it can be used as the first one, but internationally, it will only give you 2G speeds. Why,? maybe because, the Jet has only AWS 3G bands.

T-Mobile will launch a second USB stick, webConnect Jet

By: t-marco September 24th, 2009

T-Mobile webConnect Jet

Continuing its 3G expantion coverage, T-Mobile will launch soon a second USB stick, the webConnect Jet. Back at CES 2009, where CPS was present, we showed you the first picture of the new USB stick made by Huawei. In addition, in June, another USB stick passed FCC ( the GI0452)with T-Mobile 3G Bands. Now a new model its coming and for sure, it will be available for T-Mobile USA, the Huawei UMG 1691.

FCC just passed another USB stick with T-Mobile 3G Bands

By: t-marco June 23rd, 2009

Another USB stick just passed today with T-Mobile 3G bands. The device is the GI0452.This versatile piece covers fully four different WCDMA bands with up to 7.2Mbps HSDPA on the downlink and 5.76Mbps on the up, making it very, very useful no matter what country you might take the card to (of course, roaming charges are another matter altogether). No word on whether T-Mobile is actually planning on stocking the 452, but we’re encouraged to see it pass the FCC’s testing with AWS on board, so we’d venture to say it’s a strong possibility.

T-Mobile 3G webConnect USB likely coming March 25th

By: Shawn February 22nd, 2009


After previously posting some “in the wild” (more like in our hand) pictures of the upcoming T-Mobile webConnect USB, we’ve been patiently awaiting a release date and maybe even some pricing. Our friends over at Engadget got their hands on an internal screenshot, and has brought us all of the information we could want and more. Here is what we know: