Samsung announced Galaxy Tab Plus 7″, is this the Samsung T869 for T-Mobile?

By: t-marco September 30th, 2011

Almost one year ago, T-Mobile was the first Amercian carrier in offer the first model of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Not happy with that, as you remember, T-Mobile is planing to launch the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 aka Samsung T859. Now today Samsung announced the new and improved Galaxy Tab 7 Plus. The Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus gets a new thinner (9.96mm) and lighter (345g) body, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB or 32GB of built-in storage, 3MP back camera and 2MP on the front. The curious part is the resolution. It is 1024 x 600 resolution. Additionally it will feature 21.1Mbps HSPA+. These characteristics are the same as the Samsung T869.

Now we can say, T-Mobile will offer 2 new tablets, the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy Tab 7″ Plus.

Stay tuned for more information


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (WiFi only) will be available on T-Mobile this Jun 8th

By: t-marco June 3rd, 2011

T-Mobile will begin offering the long-awaited, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 June 8 on a limited basis with Google’s Android 3.1 “Honeycomb” operating system. T-Mobile’s Tab 10.1 is WiFi-only at this time and will cost customers $499 for the 16GB version and $599 for the 32GB version.

T-Mobile will begin selling a “limited quantity” of the Tab 10.1 exclusively at the Best Buy Union Square store in New York City on June 8. Best Buy customers may also preorder the Galaxy Tab 10.1 online or in-store that day with availability set for June 17. This summer, T-Mobile’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 will receive an over-the-air upgrade to the Samsung TouchWiz UX.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is powered by a 1GHz dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, employ a 1280 by 800 resolution display, a 2-megapixel front-facing camera for video chats and a 3MP rear camera.

Roadmap 2011 for T-Mobile leaked .. brings lots of Androids and 4G devices

By: t-marco May 18th, 2011

Thanks to This is my next … we can see T-Mobile’s plans about what phones will show up this year. T-Mobile is will launch a bunch of phones, even nobody knows about if AT&T acquisition will pass.  Lets Start :


T-Mobile will launch the HTC Sensation 4G on June 8th, together with the new Samsung Hawk or Exhibit 4G. Not only those 2 phones will come to T-Mo in June.  Back in March, we told you about a new mid range Android phone coming to T-Mobile, this was the Samsung T589, now knows as Gravity Touch 2 or GT2. and now its smart, not like the other Gravities.  The GT2 is a midrange device though, a 3.2″ touchscreen, a full physical side-sliding QWERTY keyboard, a 3 MP camera with LED flash, and an 800 MHz processor. The GT2 will run Android 2.2 Froyo when it launches.

T-Mo will launch, also in June 8th another Mobile Hotspot, a 42Mbps HSPA+ mobile hotspot with 802.11n capability and a built-in display. The Huawei E587 “Wayne”

Now, we move to June 15th. Another Samsung, and this time The Galaxy Mini aka Samsung T499 Tass, and on June 29th, Samsung t379 “Triumph” will come as a Gravity 4 (not Android this time).

Wow, what a June.!!

T-Mobile G-Slate review by BGR

By: t-marco April 19th, 2011

The T-Mobile G-Slate is the most wanted device so far.. the problem?  no yet available ( until tomorrow ) and very pricy. However, our friends from BGR, had the tablet and made a nice and constructive review to let us know how is the performance of the G-Slate.

Zach Epstein reviewing for BoyGeniusReport writes: “I don’t see the G-Slate going very far with average consumers. It’s also a bit pricey at $529.99 with a two-year data contract. Honeycomb tablets don’t have much competition yet, but the G-Slate will likely still be near the top of the heap even once more competition begins to trickle out.”

The G-Slate costs $529 with a two-year contract ($750 no contract), available stating tomorrow.

See the full review.

T-Mobile Galaxy Tab 249.99 starting tomorrow with 2 years contract

By: t-marco January 25th, 2011

T-Mobile has decided to cut the price of the Galaxy Tab again. Starting tomorrow January 26th, T-Mobile will offer the Galaxy Tab for only 249.99 after 50 dollars mail in rebate.

This price probably has been dropped because the new Honycomb devices coming soon like the Xoom on Verizon and the G-Slate for T-Mobile.

LG Slate passed FCC

By: t-marco January 7th, 2011

This is the T-Mobile tablets era. FCC just passed the new LG tablet for T-Mobile, the LG Slate. The LG slate will be  the first 4G tablet running Honeycomb or Android 3.0. This is going to be the 3rd tablet for T-Mobile, after Samsung Galxy Tab and Dell Streak 7. Hopefully T-Mo gets a 4G capable Galaxy tab same as Verizon and Sprint will .


T-Mobile promises HSPA+ tablets in 2011, maybe Android or iPad2

By: t-marco December 10th, 2010

Its Friday and T-Mobile just gave us some great news coming in 2011. The magenta company had announced that will carry, next year, a few HSPA+ tablets. TMO has not mention either when they will be available or what OS will be running. We believe some will run Android, Windows 7 or maybe iOS ( remember the new iPad 2 coming next year with AWS 3G bands). Maybe this beauty will land on T-MO soon. Cross your fingers.

“T-Mobile is working closely with the majority of our OEM partners to deliver 4G products by integrating HSPA+ into roadmaps in 2011 as the dominant global standard. Consumers will continue to see HSPA+ fuel future innovation in a variety of mobile consumer electronics from smartphones and tablets to emerging devices. T-Mobile will continue to be at the forefront of wireless innovation, delivering an aggressive 4G product lineup in 2011, including 4G tablets.”