SonyEricsson TM717 is the Equinox, launching on Oct 28th.

By: t-marco September 23rd, 2009

SonyEricsson Equinox TM717

T-Mobile is preparing to launch the new SonyEricsson Equinox, aka TM717 this October 28th. Back In June we were the first to told you about the new SonyEricson Tm717 or Equinox would come to T-Mobile passing FCC.

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Upcoming phones to T-Mobile (updated) now with Dell laptops?

By: T-Marco June 5th, 2009

Upcoming 2009 phones for T-Mobile USAHello guys, sorry for the delayed but being the only one here writing, I have to take my time to do this and my regular job.  Now, lets got to the news. EngadgetMobile just gave us a new RoadMap of the upcoming phone to T-Mobile.  There are some few changes on the launching dates of few phones. However

SonyEricsson TM717 aka T707 just passed FCC today for T-Mobile

By: T-Marco June 5th, 2009

Sony Ericsson TM717Yes folks, the new SonyEricsson TM 717 or T707  has just passed FCC today and it will come with 3G T-Mobile bands.The new SonyEricsson TM717 is a T-Mobile version of the T707.

T-Mobile Upcoming phones 2009 Review

By: T-Marco May 23rd, 2009

upcoming-phonesNot only T-Mobile is rolling out its 3G Network rapidly, but also, is going to launch new great phones this year. Just few days ago, T-Mobile just launched the new Samsung T239… not a big deal. but What else is coming? and When?

T-Mobile’s Walmart roadmap leaked!!

By: T-Marco May 9th, 2009

BGR go the walmart roadmap with a bunch of news, dates and new phones coming to T-Mobile this year.

SonyEricsson CS8 y CS5 Launch dates

By: T-Marco May 5th, 2009

We told you about the new SonyEricsson CS8 coming to T-Mobile. The new SonyEricsson CS8 will feature a 8Mp camera, that is why the model name has the number 8 in it. But just now, we know that another SonyEricsson will come to T-Mobile, and this time is going to have a 5mp camera. This new phone will be the SonyEricsson CS5.

SonyEricsson T707a and C903a will come with AT&T 3G bands

By: T-Marco May 5th, 2009

Today, FCC just passed 2 SonyEricsson T707a and the C903a, both will come with 1900 and 850, besides 2100, HSDPA, HSUPA bands.

SonyEricsson W518a coming to AT&T

By: T-Marco April 30th, 2009

Today FCC just passed the new SonyEricsson W518a Walkman phone for AT&T. No date about when this phone is going to be launched. Here are some specification: