UPDATE:Sharp is back on T-Mo? possible new Sidekick Android powered coming to T-Mobile

By: t-marco June 1st, 2011

UPDATE: NO T-MOBILE, because 3G bands are 850/1900, seams that this phone will come to AT&T.. we told you so!!

UnwiredView has some rumors about a new Sidekick will come to T-Mobile. As you know Sharp was the exclusive brand for the original Sidekicks (already dead), after Samsung took the wheel and launched the new Sidekick 4G, the first Sidekick running Android OS.

Now, seams that Sharp  is back. According with UnwiredView, the new smartphone features a 3.2 inch HVGA touchscreen display, GSM / WCDMA connectivity, Wi-Fi, GPS, and a photo camera , full QWERTY keyboard, and it will come to T-Mobile USA soon…. but what about  AT&T?  Don’t forget that the latest Sharp phone in North America was the FX exclusively for AT&T.

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Tomorrow is your last day to enjoy your Original T-Mobile Sidekick.. service shut down

By: t-marco May 30th, 2011

If you are an owner of the original Sidekick, try to get all the juice you can today and tomorrow.. Why?.. remember that T-Mobile, will shut down Sidekick services May 31st due to new model and new IO Android phones. T-Mobile also will offer you the best deals to switch to the new Sidekick 4G running Android 2.2.

Remember folks .. try to upgrade before you phone become useless tomorrow pass midnight

Here the official statement from T-Mobile

“We want to remind these customers as of May 31st, data services will no longer be available on Sidekick devices with the Danger Service, and ensure they understand their current options. Sidekick customers will still be able to place phone calls and send text messages but will not be able to access the Internet, send or receive e-mail, or access personal data on the service directly from the phone (contacts, photos, calendar, notes, to-do lists, etc.); personal data on the phone as of May 31st will remain, so long as the battery is not removed or completely drained – if either occurs, all personal data on the device will be discarded.”

Customers can still take steps to move to a new device by calling T-Mobile Customer Care. After May 31st and through June 30th, customers can still export their personal data directly from the Sidekick service through our enhanced Web tool on myT-Mobile.com, even though they can no longer access their data on the service directly from their device. After June 30, 2011, the Sidekick datacenter will be permanently closed and all data deleted to protect customer privacy.”

T-Mobile announces Sidekick 4G, powered by Android made by Samsung

By: t-marco March 15th, 2011

Today T-Mobile the new generation of Sidekick , this time running Google Android OS and made by Samsung.The new Sidekick 4G will be loaded  with a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor, 800×480 display, dual cameras but no flash ..why? , and a large slide-out keyboard. It also runs on T-Mobile’s new high-speed 4G data network up to 21 Mbps.

The new device includes Sidekick Group Text and Cloud Text messaging applications. Group Text lets users engage in group text conversations. Cloud Text lets users text with friends or groups across PCs and the Sidekick 4G.

The Sidekick 4G includes a VGA front-facing camera and T-Mobile Video Chat powered by Qik. The Sidekick 4G also features a physical jump key that lets customers switch between live apps during a phone call, or assign keyboard shortcuts.

The Sidekick 4G is due out this summer, though no official release date or price has been announced.

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Danger service will shutdown this May 31st. Sidekick Customers, try to find another phone

By: t-marco March 1st, 2011

T-Mobile announced that  T-Mobile’s Sidekick Danger Services  will be shutdown on May 31, 2011. That means, that the new Sidekick 4G will come around those dates or before.

After May 31, 2011, the Danger Service (a subsidiary of Microsoft) used by T-Mobile Sidekick customers for data services will no longer be available on Sidekick devices.

T-Mobile will provide offers for our Sidekick customers before May 31, 2011, to help make an easy transition from their existing Sidekick device to a new device. We will have more information to share about these offers with our customers in the weeks ahead.

To ensure the best possible transition for our loyal Sidekick customers, an enhanced Web tool is available on myT-Mobile.com to easily export their personal data, including contacts, photos, calendar, notes, to-do lists, and bookmarks, from the Danger service to a new device, computer, or a designated e-mail account.  An application is also available in the Sidekick Catalog to make it easy to export personal data to the Sidekick’s memory card.  Many T-Mobile stores can transfer data from that card to a new T-Mobile device if the customer brings in the memory card and Sidekick.


Sidekick 4G sign up page already up !

By: t-marco February 16th, 2011

T-Mobile has just posted a sign up page for its new 4G device, this time, the completely new Sidekick 4G. A while ago, we though that the Sidekick Name was dead. However, T-Mobile is picking up the towel and launching  a new phone , made by Samsung, running Android 2.2.1 OS, and compatible with T-Mo’s 4G HSPA+.


Sidekick 4G, featuring front camera, this time made by Samsung

By: t-marco January 27th, 2011

Bye bye Sharp, not its time for a Korean company. Samsung has been a reliable cellphone company, specially after selling more then 10 M Galaxy S phones. However, some customers are not happy with the OS upgrade. To get the Froyo, many of us waited for so long. Other are still waiting (Samsung Captivate). Any way, now we are going to talk about the new Sidekick 4G for T-Mobile.  The new Sidekick will be capable to run under T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ network, it will feature a front camera for video chat and this time will be made by Samsung.

We dont know about the resolution of the screen but we expect to be the same as the Galaxy S, GSP ( hope this time works ), Android, 2.2.1, WiFi,

[UPDATED] T-Mobile confirms Samsung Galaxy S 4G and Sidekick 4G coming soon

By: t-marco January 20th, 2011

T-Mobile confirmed today it will re-launch its iconic Sidekick gadget lineup this year with a new device running Google’s Android operating system. Back in July T-Mobile killed the Sidekick, now it will return.

“We will launch as new the Samsung Galaxy S 4G … and coming soon, will also be a Sidekick 4G. Everybody knows the Sidekick, and we’re going to relaunch the Sidekick and bring it as a 4G device, Android based, into the market,” Humm said.

T-Mobile is also getting ready to launch it new tablet, the Dell Streak and soon, the LG GSlate running Android 3.0

Stay tuned for more information


T-Mobile executives  said a software upgrade (Froyo Android 2.2)  for the Samsung Vibrant is coming “tomorrow  January 21th” but that the Apple iPhone’s hardware (1700/2100 3G bands )  prevents T-Mobile USA from selling that popular smartphone. So means, no iPhone for T-Mobile for now.

Microsoft Confirms Data Recovery for Sidekick Users

By: t-marco October 15th, 2009


For about 2 weeks, sidekick users have been really frustrated about losing almost all their data.  After few moves from T-Mobile trying to make their customers happy, now Microsoft seams have recovered some data, not all of it. Here  is what they say.