T-Mobile’s Android Phones for Free

By: t-marco November 8th, 2010

T-Mobile.com is on sale offering a few Android Phones for Free. First we have the LG Optimus T, only in Black.  The LG Optimus T is an Android 2.2 device with much of the great features that previous versions of Android are unable to access (Voice Actions, Chrome to Phone, etc.). Then we have the T-Mobile Comet, that features  7.2Mbps HSPA, FM radio, integrated Swype, microSD expansion up to 32GB, and 802.11b / g / n, Android 2.2 Froyo; a 2.8-inch QVGA display. Also it is  available as a prepaid for less than 200 bucks. And finally 2 Motorola Phones, the Charm in both colors and Cliq XT.

Grab yours now !

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Review: Upcoming phones for T-Mobile

By: t-marco October 29th, 2010

T-Mobile just list on his website 4 new devices hitting the stores next month. First we have the Motorola Defy, will be available for $99 with a 2-year contract starting on November 3. Then we have the myTouch 4G, yes TMN guys.. 4G.. i will be available also in Nov for 199.99. We have 4 choices, White, Black, Red and Plum.  Next we have the HTC HD7, available Nov 8th for 199.99 too. The Galaxy S Tab, first Android 2.2 tablet, will be available November 10th for 399.99. We are still waiting for LG Optimus T in Titan, WineRed an Android 2.2 OS, Microsoft Exchange support, 3.2 MP camera with Video, WiFi calling, and a 600 Mhz processor, hitting stores November 3th  for 29.99.

Motorola Defy will hit T-Mobile stores this Nov 3, only 99.99

By: t-marco October 20th, 2010

T-Mobile has announced, via Twitter, that the new android phone by Motorola, Defy, will be available for $99 with a 2-year contract starting on November 3. As you know, the Moto Defy features a 3.7-inch scratch-resistant, touchscreen,  a 5 megapixel camera with flash, DLNA support, FM radio, Wi-Fi Calling, and GPS.

Stay tuned fore more information

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Motorola Begonia is the new Motorola Cliq 2 for T-Mobile, featuring WiFi calling?

By: t-marco September 30th, 2010

According with Engadget the new Android phone from Motorola, Begonia, is going to be the Cliq 2, featuring WiFi calling by launch (like the Lg Optimus). According to the site’s tipster, the Begonia will be an Android 2.2 device featuring MotoBlur . The device is also said to have an “interesting” keyboard design; as it appears to be “one solid piece” without any spacing between the keys . 3G, aGPS, WiFi, b/g/n. HotSpots capabilities. Launch day? .. November 1st.

Stay tuned for more information.

A few phones coming to T-Mobile this holidays: LG Optimus T, HTC HD7, Motorola Begonia

By: t-marco September 17th, 2010

T-Mobile accessories inventory list has been leaked showing a few phones coming this holidays or before that. In the last road map leaked, clearly we can see a few phones coming this year. Starting this month, Samsung will launch the new and low end Samsung T249.  The HTC Vanguard aka G2 already announced by T-Mobile available soon. In November we have 3 new phones coming. 2 Motorola Android, one is the Jordan aka Defy. The other one, Begonia, probably is the Sholes tablet.. but we can’t confirm this. However it will be an Android phone too. At the same time, HTC will release the new and better myTouch HD.  LG can’t not be left behind. Lg will prepare 2 phones, one the LG Optimus T, a TMO version of the Optimus.

This is a mid range Android phone we told you before. Also LG will offer a new version of the Sentio. Later this month, HTC will offer the new HTC HD7, the first Windows Mobile 7 for T-Mobile. This is pretty much nothing new but just confirming about the last leaked list of phone coming to T-Mobile this year 2010.


Motorola Defy coming to T-Mobile this holidays

By: t-marco September 13th, 2010

T-Mobile just announced the new Android phone, the Motorola Defy. Motorola DEFY is scratch and water resistant as well as dust proof, protecting you from life’s little challenges such as a sudden rain shower to a drop in the sand. Pre-installed on the DEFY, CrystalTalk® PLUS vanquishes noisy environments with two microphones that intelligently filter out background noise and amplify your voice so you don’t have to shout.

The new Motorola Defy will feature, a 3.7 inches WVGA screen, Bluetooth,Google Search, Maps and Gmail, Adobe® Flash® Lite®-enabled, 5MP camera with autofocus, flash and digital zoon. More information will be revealed on Oprah’s Show. yes!. Oprah. Remember, back in june, FCC passed a Motorola phone with AWS T-MO 3G bands, it will features, WiFi, b/g/n, Blueteooth 2.1, HSDPA, 1130 mAH battery. More information soon.

Enjoy the Gallery.


Get ready for tomorow’s Motorola Charm launch

By: t-marco August 24th, 2010

T-Mobile will launch its new Android phone from Motorola, the Charm tomorow for only $ 75 with 2  years contract. Motorola CHARM provides consumers all the features of a smartphone with the intuitive navigation of a 2.8 inch touch screen – all in a compact, pocketable design that makes messaging a snap using the combination of a full QWERTY keyboard and touch screen. The BACKTRACK navigation pad, located on the back of the smartphone directly behind the home screen, is similar to a laptop touch panel and enables an unobstructed view of the Web, texts, e-mails and news feeds. Plus, with Android 2.1 and enhanced MOTOBLUR features, CHARM offers new customization and filtering options.

Motorola Charm Cabernet also includes:

  • Android 1.5 w/ MotoBlur
  • 3.1″ touchscreen display
  • 5.0 MP Camera w/ video capture
  • Virtual QWERTY w/ Swype
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Access to Android Marketplace
  • New trackpad (back)
  • 3G Network and Wi-Fi access
  • Preloaded Social Networking applications
  • Micro SD expandable to 32GB
  • Built in GPS
  • Stereo Bluetooth

Included Accessories:

  • Lithion ion battery
  • Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Stereo headset
  • Extra battery cover in purple
  • 2GB microSD card

Project Motorola Jordan, a rugged Android phone coming to T-Mobile this November

By: t-marco August 17th, 2010

This is not the first time we hear about the a new Motorola Jordan. Back in July, thanks to androidspin, we saw the 2010 Road Map for T-Mobile and there was one phone coming to T-Mobile, the Motorola Jordan.  Now BGR has confirmed the Jordan project.  It will be released this November, same as the road map said. Don’t forget, the other android phone coming from Motorola is the Begonia. The interesting thing about the Motorola Jordan is not that it is just a ruggedized handset, bur rather that we’ve heard the phone will actually be completely waterproof down to 10 meters/30 feet.

Stay tuned for more information.