LG Optimus L9 also coming to T-Mobile

By: t-marco October 9th, 2012

T-Mobie will launch another affordable Android phone, this time by LG. T-Mobile USA has just announced the new LG Optimus L9.  The new Optimus L9 will run Android 4.0.4, it will feature a 5 MP camera with HD camcorder, dual core 1GHz processor, 4G HSPA+ capable, a front camera for video calling and WiFi mobile calling. The new Lg Optimus L9 will come in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for more information.


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LG announced the new LG Optimus 4X HD , coming to T-Mobile as G4X?

By: t-marco February 23rd, 2012

LG has just announced the new LG Optimus 4X HD. The new Optimus 4X HD will feature  a 1.5GHz quad-core Tegra 3 CPU, a 4.7-inch True HD IPS LCD (1280×720) , Android 4.0 Icecream. The device also features a hefty 2,150mAh battery while still managing to keep a slim figure at only 8.9mm thick.  Pocketnow reports that the new LG Optimus 4X HD will arrive at T-Mobile USA as T-Mobile G4X soon.
Key Specifications:
o Chipset: 1.5GHz Quad-Core processor (NVIDIA Tegra 3)
o Display: 4.7-inch (1280 x 720) True HD IPS
o Memory: 16GB eMMC and 1GB LP DDR2
o Camera: 8.0MP BSI Sensor (Rear) and 1.3MP (Front)
o OS: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
o Battery: 2,150mAh

Stay tuned for more information

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CES 2011, only one device for T-Mobile USA..Really?

By: t-marco January 13th, 2012

CES is over and here, thanks to IntoMobile, we can clearly see how many devices are coming to USA and each  carrier. AT&T is getting 8 new devices: HTC Titan II, Nokia Lumia 900, Pantech Burst and Element, Samsung Exhilarate, Skyrocket HD, Galaxy Note and Sony Xperia Ion) wow,  what a 8 beautiful devices.

Metro PCS is getting the new LG Connect 4G and Samsung Galaxy Atain 4G. Verizon Wireless will get the LG Spectrum, Motorola Razr Maxx, Motorola Droid 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Blackberry Curve 9370 and ZTE Jetpack. Sprint will get the LG Viper 4G and Galaxy Nexus. And finally T-Mobile USA will offer the new Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G.

Well as you can see, there is a big and huge difference of what T-Mobile will offer compared with other carrier, specially AT&T.

Picture thanks to Intomobile


LG DoublePlay available today!

By: t-marco November 2nd, 2011

The new and unique LG Double Play is available starting today for US$ 100 dollars with 2 yeas contract.  The Lg Double Play features a QWERTY keyboard. The device also has a 5 megapixel 720p HD camera with flash. Android 2.2 with LG’s UI.


LG DoublePlay, first official pictures

By: t-marco October 12th, 2011

Thanks to PocketNow, here are the first official pictures of the new LG DoublePlay Android phone. This is a unique phone, not only with a slider Qwerty Keyboard, but also with a second screen. The LG DoublePlay,  with codename Flip II will feature a 320×480 (main) touchscreen, and a 5 MP, Android  Gingerbread 2.3. The second screen allows users to fill two of the eight spaces with their own favorite apps, and the Android icons on the bottom of the main screen (which sports a 320×480 HVGA resolution) are also touch-activated. The LG DoublePlay will be available this November 2nd for only US$ 150.00.


T-Mobile Oct-Nov RoadMap leaked!

By: t-marco October 4th, 2011

A leaked T-Mobile road map for October and November has been leaked showing a bunch of phone, (we already know) that will arrive on T-Mo. First we have the new HTC Amaze 4G , will arrive on October 19th for US$ 259 after US$ 50 mail in rebate.  Then, as you know the Samsung Galaxy S II will also arrive the same day for US$ 229 after US$ 50 mail in rebate and the Sonic 4G HotSpot for US$ 99 after 50 MIR.  Later we have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for US$ 399.99

In November 2nd we have the new LG myTouch Qwerty and the LG myTouch, both for US$ 129. Same day, the new HTC Radar 4G for US$ 199.99 and the LG Flip 2 for US$ 149.99.  Also , as we presented as exclusive, the new Samsung “Ancora” aka Samsung Galaxy W will arrive for only U$ 99 dollars and the new Huawei tablet for US$ 199.99.

On November 9th we have the Samsung Glaxy tab 7 Plus for US$ 299 and the new Blackberry Torch (TBD)

Are you excited? or you already knew about those phones coming to T-Mobile?

myTouch by LG and myTouch Q by LG accidentally leaked by T-Mobile

By: t-marco September 16th, 2011

Anew video tutorial just uploaded to T-Mobile’s channel on their brand new Mytouch Q by LG and another one called just myTouch by LG. The T-Mobile myTouch by LG and myTouch Q by LG mark a departure from current myTouch models, manufactured exclusively by HTC. AndroidGuys was able to snag a pic of the pair. They may look the same here, but as should be clear from the names, one will have a slide-out Qwertykeyboard.

Back in may there was a leak of devices coming to T-Mobile and the LG Maxx and Maxx Q ( now we know they are the myTouch ) will be landing on T-Mobile on November.

Stay tuned for more information

Deal Alert : T-Mobile G2X for free

By: t-marco August 16th, 2011

Hurry!! this is the chance to get a double core processor phone for free. T-Mobile. com is offering the new T-Mobile G2xfor free with 2 years contract.

The G2x is the ultimate mobile gaming device.  Along with its powerful dual-core processor, the G2x sports a large 4” touch screen with 480×800 resolution.

The G2x comes equipped with an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera with LED flash and autofocus, and a front-facing 1.3-megapixel camera paired with the preloaded T-Mobile Video Chat application powered by Qik.