T-Mobile 3G map Coverage Live!

By: T-Marco September 21st, 2008

T-Mobile just updated its 3G/Data coverage in its website. Many cities show they have 3G coverage already, like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Bay Area, Austin, Chicago and more. Here we have the maps for your favorite city.

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T-Mobile 3G coverage getting bigger and bigger

By: T-Marco September 18th, 2008

Today , our Magenta favorite company, announced highlights of the company’s wireless network expansion plans, including the deployment of its third-generation (3G) wireless broadband service to 27 major markets..yeah baby!!  in the United States by 2008.

Finallay T-Mobile unveils Android on Sept 23th

By: T-Marco September 16th, 2008

You’re invited! T-Mobile USA will announce the new Google OS Android Device made by HTC on September 23th at 10:30 am, yes in only 7 days, in New York City.

San Diego, Miami and Portland, Welcome 3G! (Updated)

By: T-Marco September 15th, 2008

T-Mobile is continuing to roll out its 3G network and this time San Diego, Miami and Portland are joining the network. Starting today San Diego will enjoy the fastest speed that T-Mobile has offered.

HTC Fuze passed FCC for AT&T

By: T-Marco September 12th, 2008

Today, FCC just passed The HTC Raphael or HTC touch Fuze for ATT. We know The HTC Diamond will come to AT&T soon. The HTC Touch Pro will bring a dual band 3.5 G (1900 and 850) HSPDA and HSUPA with quadband GSM.

It’s Official, Samsung T919 to T-Mobile

By: T-Marco September 5th, 2008

Yes, guys, this phone is coming to T-Mobile. Finally FCC passed this phone and will come to T-Mobile on November. This is the T-Mobile version of the Samsung F480, however the T919 will come with 3G. YES GUYS! finally a descent 3G device for our magenta carrier.

Exclusive: Sony Ericsson TM506 in Red Rush

By: T-Marco September 2nd, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day for the debut of  the new Sony Ericsson TM506 Amber. Later, the emerald color will come too. But, we got some news and pics about a new version of the TM506. This is called the RED RUSH. T-Mobile is ready to launch a new color for the TM506.

Dallas gets a speed boost

By: T-Marco August 24th, 2008

And 3G for T-Mobile continues, and this time is for Dallas!!!.. yes baby! Do you guys remember our schedule for 3G nationwide? Apparently Dallas wasn’t on to launch 3G services UMTS/HSDPA for this month. However,