T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G available Feb 23th for 149.99

By: t-marco February 14th, 2011

As we expected, T-Mobile will launch its newest 4G HSPA+ Androi phone, Galaxy S 4G this Feb 23th . Instead of Walmart, that will sell the Galaxy S 4G for 148.88, T-Mobile decided to charge 149.99 with 2 years contract.

The Galaxy S 4G is very similar to the existing Samsung Vibrant, a popular Android phone. It has the same 1-GHz Cortex-A8 processor, runs Android 2.2 on a similar 4-inch Super AMOLED screen, and has the same 5-megapixel camera. But it also has a front-facing 1-megapixel camera for video chat, that 4G modem, and a larger 1650 mAh battery, all of which the Vibrant lacks. Also, where the Vibrant comes pre-loaded with the movie “Avatar,” this phone will come with “Inception.”

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Samsung teases with New generation Samsung Galaxy S video

By: t-marco February 1st, 2011

Samsung has revealed the new Samsung Galaxy S phone on a new video. During this video, Samsung tried to hide it with a bright light on the phone, unfortunately, the reflection was exposed and you can clearly see that the new Galaxy S is very thin.

Now we have to wait  for  Samsung Mobile to unpack it on Feb. 13 in Barcelona.


[UPDATED] T-Mobile confirms Samsung Galaxy S 4G and Sidekick 4G coming soon

By: t-marco January 20th, 2011

T-Mobile confirmed today it will re-launch its iconic Sidekick gadget lineup this year with a new device running Google’s Android operating system. Back in July T-Mobile killed the Sidekick, now it will return.

“We will launch as new the Samsung Galaxy S 4G … and coming soon, will also be a Sidekick 4G. Everybody knows the Sidekick, and we’re going to relaunch the Sidekick and bring it as a 4G device, Android based, into the market,” Humm said.

T-Mobile is also getting ready to launch it new tablet, the Dell Streak and soon, the LG GSlate running Android 3.0

Stay tuned for more information


T-Mobile executives  said a software upgrade (Froyo Android 2.2)  for the Samsung Vibrant is coming “tomorrow  January 21th” but that the Apple iPhone’s hardware (1700/2100 3G bands )  prevents T-Mobile USA from selling that popular smartphone. So means, no iPhone for T-Mobile for now.

Samsung has created an application to help GPS performance to the Vibrant and Captivate

By: t-marco November 30th, 2010

Today Samsung Twitter account announced an application created to fix all the GPS issues we have with our Galasxy S phones, (Vibrant and Captivate). This application called GSP restore is  already up in Android Market . Lets give it a try and let us how your gps works now!.

Thanks Samsung .. it was time!

Follow the instruction Here

Bluetooth update for Samsung Vibrant ready for Android 2.2 Froyo

By: t-marco November 15th, 2010

Bluetooth.org has just published a new Bluetooth update for the Samsung Vibrant. Bluetooth.org refers the update for the “NEW SGH-T959″mentioning the new software called “T959UVJJ-2″ version 2. Possibly this is the Bluetooth update Vibrant running Android 2.2. As you know Samsung has promised Froyo for the USA version of its Galaxy S by the end of 2010. we are waiting so bad for Froyo not only for the Vibrant, but also for the Captivate.. btw, I have one.

Don’t forget, T-Mo and Samsung are working on another Android phone, Samsung t839