T-Mobile G1 users….Android “Capcake” has arrived!

By: T-Marco April 30th, 2009

Some users have reported that T-Mobile has pushed out the launch of the Android “cupcake” 1.5 for T-Mobile G1 users.  Starting last night, some T-Mobile G1 users are allowed to update via the air, to the new version of the Android, 1,5.

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T-Mobile Germany getting Cupcake in May

By: Shawn April 26th, 2009

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Some alert T-Mobile customers surfing T-Mobile Germany’s site stumbled across some exciting and unexpected news. Right from the big magenta’s mouth, T-Mobile Germany will be receiving the Android Cupcake update sometime in May. So how does this affect G1 users in the United States? Well we are guessing that if the cupcake update is ready and compatible with the phone and network in Germany, why wouldn’t it be ready on this side of the Atlantic? Of course don’t get too excited yet G1 users, we’re still working on confirming this. The Cupcake update will include:

Android 1.5′s will supoort widget

By: T-Marco April 22nd, 2009

Google recently posted details on just how Android OS 1.5 will work with third-party widgets. Widgets in Android OS will give users a “quick glimpse into full-featured apps, such as showing upcoming calendar events, or viewing details about a song playing in the background.”

Get Your Cupcake Today!

By: T-Marco April 15th, 2009

We told you about the cupcake here, here and here but seams like T-Mobile and Google will not release the cupcake sooner. However, now, thanks to daproy on XDA developers forums, the Android 1.5 is already here.

TouchDown provides push email for the T-Mobile G1

By: T-Marco March 9th, 2009

TouchDown, an e-mail application  for Android, is working on Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync support, which will allow you to get honest-to-goodness push e-mail on your T-Mobile G1.

Telenav GPS for G1 coming on Feb 24th

By: T-Marco February 12th, 2009

Finally real turn by turn GPS function on the T-Mobile G1. Today, The company Telenav has officially announced its turn-by-turn GPS navigation for the Android-powered device coming on  February 24th.

T-Mobile G1 RC-33 improves Google Maps with Latitud feature

By: T-Marco February 4th, 2009

Google Maps is not only a good tool for your iPhone or Nokia. One more time, Google just added a new feature called Latitude into Google Maps Application on the T-Mobile G1. Remember “My Location”?, millions of you have been able to easily find yourselves on a map at the touch of a button. But what if you want to find your friend, coworker, boss or just see if you girlfriend is at her house like she said she will. Well now you can with Google Latitude.

T-Mobile G1 update RC-33 coming this Feb 5th

By: T-Marco February 3rd, 2009

Looks like T-Mobile and HTC are giving us a new update for the T-Mobile G1. Unfortunately, this is not a cupcake. There are rumors about the cupcake is not going to be available for the G1 but it will be for future G phones. That is really bad news for T-Mobile G1 owners, but nothing official has been released.