Dell Streak coming to T-Mobile according with roadman leaked

By: t-marco April 25th, 2010

Thanks to our friends from Android Central, Dell Mini 5 aka Streak (Ultimate Travel Computer ) is coming to T-Mobile. The latest FCC application lists a second version of the Mini 5. Bearing the product code M01M, the tablet filing details its use of the WCDMA Band IV frequency, the very frequency T-Mobile use for their service.

It will feature a 5″ diagonal capacitive touch display with WVGA 800 x 400 resolution, 3o pin docking connector, capacitive touch front buttons, 5MP camera with autofocus and flash, AWS 3G HSPA, Bluetooth, WiFi. Stay tuned for more information.


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T-Mobile just announced Dell Mini 10, HSPA+ capable

By: t-marco March 23rd, 2010

T-Mobile just today has announced the new and first Notebook with AWS adn HSPA+, the Dell Mini 10.  Dell Mini 10 with Windows 7 Starter Edition and N450 Processor. Will be HSPA+ capable and allow for up to 8-hours of continuous usage. Will be available tomorrow in several cities: LA, Dallas, Miami, and Chicago.

Rumors about T-Mobile would start selling laptops were on the new for a long time.

Motorola Cliq XT coming on March 10th, fallowing by HTC HD2 and Dell Mini 10

By: t-marco March 3rd, 2010

BGR got some leaked information of the of launching dates for T-Mobile. The new Motorola Cliq XT will be launched on March 10th for 129.99 . Later on, the new HTC HD2 will be available on March 24th for 199. The same day, T-Mobile will star offering laptops with AWS capability. Dell Mini 10 is going to be the first laptop in the market compatible with T-Mobile 3G bands.  Even More 1.5 event is clear on the pictures. No details about this even has been told. More information will be shared with you soon.

T-Mobile May Join The Netbook Market

By: t-marco February 23rd, 2010

As we told you before, T-Mobile, working together with Dell, could be sidling into the netbook market. Back in December, we told you about a new mobile broadband made by Huawei for Dell compatible with T-Mobile 3G bands.

T-Mobile could start selling the Dell Mini 10 notebook as the first computer compatible with AWS bands.  Dont forget that T-mobile also is preparing to launch its new service HSPA+ up to 21Mbps next month.

Stay tuned for more information.

Nintendo, Microsoft and Lenovo not too green for GreenPeace

By: t-marco January 8th, 2010


Greenpeace has elaborated a list of the technology manufactures more green and shown them at CES in las Vegas.

Nintendo Microsoft and Lenovo are the least brands that respect the environment, while Nokia together with SonyEricsson are the greenest one. Apple is the company with a better progress, jumping from the 9 to the 5 position. Not too good for Samsung jumping from the second to the seventh position. bad bad samsung… good think I did not get the Behold 2.

Huawei EM770U Mobile Broadband with T-MO 3G band for Dell Laptop?

By: t-marco December 15th, 2009

Huawei EM770U

Seams like Huawei together with Dell are working together to bring you a Notebook (EM770U) with Global 3G bands, including T-Mobile 3G ASW. Huawei is launching a Mobile broadband EM770U compatible with Quadband GSM/EDGE and 850/1900/1700 (Band II, IV and V) HSDPA/HSUPA used by AT&T and T-Mobile. But, this broadband is going to be built in on a Dell Laptop. This is going to be one of the first laptops compatible with AWS WCDMA bands.

There were some rumors about some Dell laptops coming with T-Mobile 3G bands. That day is getting closer.


Dell Mini 3ia passed FCC with AT&T 3G Bands

By: t-marco November 6th, 2009

dell mini 3ia

Dell’s Android handset is getting ready to show up on  AT&T. Today the FCC’s website has revealed the Mini 3i-a ( “a” stands for American Version )that  includes both 850 and 1900 MHz bands of UMTS as well as Wi-Fi on board. The Mini 3ia features a 3.5″ 360×640 touchscreen display, 3 megapixel camera, A-GPS and support for Microsoft Exchange. More news soon.