Android 1.5 update for T-Mobile G1 delayed one week

By: T-Marco May 18th, 2009

cupcakeIf you’re a T-Mobile G1 owner who has been patiently waiting for your Android 1.5 update, we hate to be the ones to tell you that you’re going to be waiting just a bit longer.

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T-Mobile Germany getting Cupcake in May

By: Shawn April 26th, 2009

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Some alert T-Mobile customers surfing T-Mobile Germany’s site stumbled across some exciting and unexpected news. Right from the big magenta’s mouth, T-Mobile Germany will be receiving the Android Cupcake update sometime in May. So how does this affect G1 users in the United States? Well we are guessing that if the cupcake update is ready and compatible with the phone and network in Germany, why wouldn’t it be ready on this side of the Atlantic? Of course don’t get too excited yet G1 users, we’re still working on confirming this. The Cupcake update will include:

Get Your Cupcake Today!

By: T-Marco April 15th, 2009

We told you about the cupcake here, here and here but seams like T-Mobile and Google will not release the cupcake sooner. However, now, thanks to daproy on XDA developers forums, the Android 1.5 is already here.

Cupacke screenshots – but not ready

By: T-Marco January 22nd, 2009

I bet every single owner of the T-Mobile G1 and also new futures ones are expecting the new cupcake update for the G1. But when it is going to be ready and available for public..well, no yet like this article says. But today Arron La (blog) showed us some screenshots of the new Cupcake upgrade coming, “soon”,.