T-Mobile confident of AT&T Deal..

By: t-marco September 19th, 2011

The acquisition of T-Mobile would make AT&T the largest carrier in the U.S. The company (AT&T)  says the merger is necessary to accommodate the heavy data demands of its subscribers, and will also create jobs and bring coverage to rural areas. However, while AT&T might claim to have more states supporting it, most of the highly populated US states such as California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania are against the deal. The large numbers of consumers in those states are likely to hold some sway with the DoJ.

T-Mobie also released a new statement assuring that the deal will pass and the new T-Mobile will be part of AT&T.

If regulators reject the deal, AT&T must pay $3 billion to T-Mobile owner Deutsche Telekom as part of its pre-nup agreement with the wireless network. The carrier must also give T-Mobile free spectrum in some regions and reduce charges for T-Mobile customers who make calls to AT&T subscribers

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Sprint not happy..sues to block AT&T/T-Mobile Transaction

By: t-marco September 6th, 2011

Sprint, the third-biggest U.S. wireless operator, announced on Tuesday that it has filed a lawsuit with a federal court in the U.S. District of Columbia in an effort to block AT&T’s planned $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom.

Sprint Vice Presidente of Litigation Susan Z. Haller said: “Sprint opposes AT&T’s proposed takeover of T-Mobile. With today’s legal action, we are continuing that advocacy on behalf of consumers and competition, and expect to contribute our expertise and resources in proving that the proposed transaction is illegal.”

here the official Statement :

T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint Galaxy S versions revealed

By: t-marco August 26th, 2011

Thanks again to our friends from Pocketnow, we can enjoy viewing the 3 different models for each mayor carrier that will carry the new Samsung Galaxy S II. T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T are the lucky ones (Verizon Wireless decided not to carry it). The T-Mobile version is like a giant Nexus S. The Sprint one is less rounded than the T-Mo’s variant. AT&T decided to keep the original design of the Galaxy S II. Remember that the new Samsung Galaxy S II, aka Hercules just passed FCC with 850/1900/1700-2100 3G bands.

More information soon.

Samsung T989 aka Hercules passed FCC..featuring AT&T and T-MO 3G Bands!

By: t-marco August 26th, 2011

FCC just passed the new T-Mobile variant of the Samsung Galaxy S II.  The new Samsung T989 will have NFC capabilities. As you know the Samsung Hercules, a variant of the Galaxy S II for T-Mobile will be one of the first capable phone to run under T-Mo and AT&T 3G/4G network after AT&T announced that it will buy T-Mobile USA. Now we can confirmed that The Samsung Hercules will have quad band GSM/EDGE and Triband 3G/4G HSPA+ 850, 1700/2100, and 1900.

This beauty will be available soon.

Stay tuned for more information

Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo want AT&T-T-Mobile merge

By: t-marco June 7th, 2011

Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle, RIM, Yahoo and others,  just signed a letter  expressing their support for the idea that the merge will let AT&T build out its high-speed data networks across the country more quickly.

In the letter to the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission filed late Monday, several Silicon Valley giants said a voracious necessity for smart phones, tablets and the apps they provide need more wireless spectrum to smoothly connect people online on the go.

What about the other side of the coin. Sprint CEO Daniel Hesse said that the deal would put his company in a position “to be acquired,” by making it more difficult for the company to compete, and eventually lead to a duopoly in telecommunications.

What a letter .. but, issing from the list of letter writers are Apple and Google. Why?


AT&T fights for T-Mobile acquisition, will increase iPhone service

By: t-marco March 30th, 2011

According with the Bloomberg report, AT&T defends its position of acquire T-Mobile USA will increase competition, improved voice and date and will bring iPhone 4 to the 39 million T-Mobile customers.

“This transaction is very instrumental,” Stephenson said. “Virtually on the day you close the deal, getting a 30 percent lift in capacity in New York City: that’s a significant improvement in call quality and data throughput.”

“This is an intensely competitive industry,” he said. “It is intense before we do this transaction, it will be intense after we do this transaction.”

AT&T said on March 20 it had agreed to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom AG, in a deal that would combine the second- and fourth-largest U.S. wireless operators to create the country’s largest. The acquisition, which would leave three major national wireless players including Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel Corp., is subject to regulatory approval.

Sprint, the third-largest U.S. wireless provider, said March 28 it would seek to have the deal blocked by U.S. agencies. The transaction is anti-competitive and would result in an industry dominated by two carriers, the company said.


will my T-Mobile monthly wireless bill increase after merging with AT&T?

By: t-marco March 21st, 2011

Probably this is the biggest question that every T-Mobile customers have. Yesterday AT&T agreed to buy T-Mobile USA directly from DT (Germany). But How this is really affect the wireless industry in the USA? O better how this is going to affect T-MO’s customers after the merging?.

Coverage : Analysts said that the combination of the two networks would likely provide a strong nationwide network.

Plans : it looks like a huge disadvantage for customers . AT&T is a carrier with higher plan prices. Absorbing  a smaller rival with more competitive definitely will affect us in some way.

LTE vs HSPA+ : “Merging the two networks means that you’re going to have a nationwide 3G and 4G network that’s really able to serve almost Americans,” AT&T said it would be able to bring a high-speed 4G connection to 95 percent of the U.S. population.

Phones : Definitely AT&T has more options in phones, and like probably many are expecting.. the iPhone 4 and soon the iPhone 5. But this it won happen until the fusion is complete, so in one year.

Is definitely your choice to remain as T-Mo customer or just leave and chose Verizon or Sprint.. but just wait, this will take 12 months until AT&T absorb T-Mobile USA.


OMG .. AT&T agrees to buy T-Mobile USA for US$ 39 Billion …

By: t-marco March 20th, 2011

AT&T will create the largest Wireless carrier in the USA after merging with T-Mobile USA ….if regulators approve this deal. AT&T has just announced that it will acquire T-Mobile USA from parent company Deutsche Telekom in a cash and stock deal worth approximately $39 billion. AT&T will have 130 million customers after the regulatory approval. The current leading wireless carrier, Verizon Wireless, has anywhere from 94 to 102 million

Even if regulators don’t buy its arguments, AT&T may walk away with a concession prize. If the deal gets squelched, the carrier will pay T-Mobile a $3 billion break-up fee. That’s not a huge amount for a company with a $165 billion market capital.

Good sources indicate that Deutsche Telekom is looking other horizons to make business. Looking more South West. Yes South America. Sources indicate that Deutsche Telekom is already evaluating enter to Colombia, Peru or Chile.


Lets Pray!