T-Mobile increases price of iPhone 5 by $50

By: t-marco May 14th, 2013

Just few weeks ago T-Mobile started to offer the new iPhone 5 starting from $ 99.99. In only 3 weeks T-Mobile sold almost half a million iPhones. Now T-Mobile decided to increased the price by $ 50 dollar making the total price of the phone of $630 while before was $580.

Other carriers like AT&T and Verizon offer the new iPhone 5 16GB for only $ 199 with 2 years contract. While T-Mobile offer the same phone for $ 150 but you have to pay $20 per month for 2 years but not commitment.

Also the 32 and 64GB version have  been increased by $ 50 dollars.


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iPhone 5 is already here.. after so many years waiting, Starting today T-Mobile offers the Apple Phone

By: t-marco April 12th, 2013

Starting today T-Mobile will start selling the new iPhone 5 A1428 model. The new iPhone 5 is already capable to run under HSPA+ AWS bands and LTE if you live under a 4G LTE coverage city. The new iPhone is available for 99 dollars down payment for the 16GB version. $ 199 for the 32 and $ 299 for the 64GB. All of them have a 20 dollors payments for 24 months.

At the same time, Apple is selling the iPhone 5 with a T-Mobile nano sim card. Prices 649 $ for the 16GB, 749 $ for the 32 gb and 849 for the 64GB.

Grab yours now!


Pre-order your iPhone 5 today !

By: t-marco April 5th, 2013

T-Mobile has just started taking orders for the new iPhone 5. Starting today, T-Mobile will start taking order for new and existing customers for the new Apple Product, the iPhone 5. The new iPhone 5 16GB will be available for US$ 99 downpayment, the 32 Gb version for $199 and the 32Gb for $299. All of them with 20 dollars payments for 24 months. The phone will be remain locked until you pay the whole price.

Dont wait longer and finally you can own an official iPhone via T-Mobile and enjoy 4G LTE ( in some markets ), HD voice and soon WiFi calling


Samsung Galaxy S IV and iPhone 5 coming May 1st and April 12th

By: t-marco March 28th, 2013

T-Mobile announced the date of the launch of  the new Samsung Galaxy S 4 on its network earlier this week. T-Mobile CEO John Legere noted that the Galaxy S 4 would arrive around May 1 for the up-front price of $99 and 24 monthly, interest-free payments.

Although Samsung’s phones have been important to T-Mobile, the main hardware focus of the event was obviously the iPhone 5, which T-Mobile will begin offering on on April 12th for an initial $99 outlay along with a monthly $20 payment plan.

Are you getting the Samsung Galaxy S 4 or the iPhone 5? let us know!



FCC passed iPhone 5 for T-Mobile USA

By: t-marco March 26th, 2013

Just after the announcement that T-Mobile gave today about the new plans, and the iPhone 5, Apple has just submitted to FCC the new iPhone 5 compatible with T-Mobile USA. The new iPhone 5 will a quad band GSM/EDGE , HSPA+ band II, IV and V ( 850, 1900 and 1700-2100) and LTE band II, IV, V and XVII (1900, 1750, 850 and 700), WiFi dual band and Bluetooth 2400.

We believe this new version of the iPhone 5 will be completely fully functional with many LTE providers like AT&T in the USA.

T-Mobile will offer a new iPhone 5 ( AWS HSPA+ and LTE ) capable, specially designed for T-Mobile

By: t-marco March 26th, 2013

T-Mobile today announced the iPhone and it will be available this April 12th.  Apple will start selling the new iPhone (A1428) with AWS HSPA+ bands and LTE compatible with T-Moible. Apple has enable these bands especially for T-Mobile. This iPhone will support too AT&T LTE bands. However, existing iPhones wont be capable of running LTE and HSPA on AWS, not even with updates.

The A1428 edition of the iPhone 5 that Apple will start hawking on April 12th  will arrive unlocked out of the box. By default while directly from T-Mobile will remain locked until you pay the whole amount.

Engadged says that Apple ont its 24-hour locations will begin selling these promptly at 12:01AM on 4/12. For those who order from Apple’s online site, you’ll need to phone up T-Mobile to have the unlock applied.

T-Mobile announced availability of new Un-carrier Plans, Samsung Galaxy S 4 and iPhone 5, 4S and 4

By: t-marco March 26th, 2013

Today, as we expected, T-Mobile announced their new Un-Carrier Plans for individuals and families. The new basic plan for individual $50 a month plan will get you 500MB of high-speed data with rates throttled down to 2G speeds after you hit that limit. 2Gb of data cost you 10 dollars and unlimited for 20 bucks.

Almost the same idea is for T-Mobile new family plans. 2 lines for $ 80 includes unlimited text , voice and 500 mb of datam, 2 GB for 20 dollars more for both lines and 20 more for unlimited data.

Now to buy a new phone, you will pay a full price, but a down payment first and payments for 12 or 24 months.

For example, the new Galaxy S 4 will be 99 dollars down payment and payments of 20 dollars for 24 months . The iPhone 5, will cost $99 and $20 a month for the following 24 months.

As you can see , now buy new phones and have the best plans have arrive on T-Mobile.


T-Mobile will talk about the iPhone tomorrow during press conference about new Un-Carrier Plans

By: t-marco March 25th, 2013

T-Mobile has just announced the new Un-Carrier plans. Starting today, you can buy a phone really cheap without an annual contract and the price of the phone will be split up to 24 months with 0% APR.

According with CNet, there are also reports that T-Mobile will unveil more details about its plans to carry the iPhone this year.

Apple and T-Mobile said in December that they would be bringing out products this year. T-Mobile CEO John Legere was more forthcoming, promising that it would bring a different customer experience with its iPhone, hinting at a new way of purchasing the device.

CNET doesn’t get into specifics though, so we wouldn’t count on getting an official launch date for the iPhone on T-Mobile tomorrow. We mostly expect T-Mobile to renew its commitment to carry the iPhone.