Launcher Pro gets an update and brings great new features!

By: t-marco December 8th, 2010

LauncherPro has been updated to v.0.8.2, bringing with it some excellent changes. Personally, I have been using the application on my Captivate for few months and since I downloaded, i bought the Pro version. This is probably the most popular alternative launcher for any android.

  • Virtual looping: When this is enabled, users can scroll past their last homescreen, When you try to scroll past the last homescreen, LauncherPro will quickly bounce back to the first. To enable this feature, go into Preferences->HomeScreen Settings->Virtual Looping

  • Dock popup: This feature is for Pro users only.Recent Apps. Will show you a list of your most recently used apps/tasks, so that you can quickly switch between then. To enable, hold down an icon in the dock->Swipe gesture action->Show Popup->Recent Apps. Thus far, I have found it displays more apps than long pressing the Home button

  • Clear cache option for Twitter and Facebook widgets; this is also only for Pro users. To access this, go to Preferences->LP Widget Settings->Twitter widget/Facebook widget. If you still don’t have Launcher Pro, go to the Market and download it.. go Now! :)

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Froyo will hit Samsung Vibrant by end of November

By: t-marco October 21st, 2010

Fom Samsung Twitter account : Samsung tweeted: “The Froyo upgrade will be available in the UK from early November and we expect all operator versions to be available by the end of November.”

You heard that: Samsung Vibrant and other like the Captivate, will get Froyo or Android 2.2 in November. Back in October , the Vibrant got an OTA update fixing GPS issues, now the Froyo update will bring a number of new features to the very popular Galaxy S, including a speed boost, full Flash support and device tethering, along with Google Maps GPS navigation plus voice guidance.