T-Mobile announced Samsung Behold 2

By: t-marco October 5th, 2009

Samsung Behold 2

Just today, T-Mobile and Samsung, had announced the new Android powered phone, the new Behold 2.  Just few days ago, The Samsung T939, Behold 2 passed FCC. In addition, we were the first to confirmed the rumors about if this phone will be running Android.

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SonyEricsson CS8 y CS5 Launch dates

By: T-Marco May 5th, 2009

We told you about the new SonyEricsson CS8 coming to T-Mobile. The new SonyEricsson CS8 will feature a 8Mp camera, that is why the model name has the number 8 in it. But just now, we know that another SonyEricsson will come to T-Mobile, and this time is going to have a 5mp camera. This new phone will be the SonyEricsson CS5.

Free Samsung Behold at Fry’s!!

By: T-Marco November 29th, 2008

Today is your only chance to get the Samsung Behold РT919 for free. Yes only today. Frys is offering the Samsung Behold for free after 100 dollars mail in rebate. You only need to sing up a 2 Year contract  with a plan for 39.99 for a single line or 59.99 for a family plan.

Manual Leacked for Samsung Omnia – Verizon Wireless

By: T-Marco November 24th, 2008

We were the first to told you about the samsung omnia coming to Verizon soon and now we are the first to show you the manual for this phone. Samsung Omnia for Verizon is getting closer to the big launch day; and before the D day, we’ve got the manual, so we can show you what is / isn’t in it.

Samsung Behold 101

By: T-Marco November 12th, 2008

The Behold is already out and many of us, still are thinking about getting this phone or not. Maybe get the G1, iPhone or just wait for the new Samsung T929 Leica. Everything you want and have to know about the behold is here. Good comparison and why you should and shouldn’t buy the Behold.

T-Mobile Behold Review

By: T-Marco November 11th, 2008

T-Mobile launched the Behold yesterday and after one day of having fun, playing and messing around, KidEgo, a user for our forums, made this interesting review.

The Samsung Behold, in my most humble opinion, is one of the best looking phone T-Mobile has come out with in a long time.

Samsung Behold Espresso and Rose Official pictures

By: T-Marco November 9th, 2008

hey guys, before going bed i want to share with you the official pictures of the Samsung Behold Espresso and Rose. The Behold will be available on the 10th for 149.99. Grab yours soon.

Motorola Zine Review by Cnet

By: T-Marco November 7th, 2008

Ever since the ZN5 was announced in June and then cleared the FCC the next month, we’ve been waiting with bated breath to get our hands on the fancy camera phone. Monday, November 3, it finally lands at T-Mobile and our friends from Cnet made this review i would like to share with you for those who are planing to buy the new Motorola ZN5.