T-Mobile’s Project Emerald is HTC Glacier? a dual core processor?

By: t-marco August 4th, 2010

Here is another rumor about what supouse to be the Project Emerald phone. According with Alienbabeltech, the new HTC Glacier is going to be “The Phone” that T-Mobile will launch as the Project Emerald. HTC Glacier might be a codename for internal testing, and may change before release but we can safely agree on few important details about the hardware.

While browsing the GLBenchmark 1.1 results database, I came across a curious result for a device name I had not heard previously, the “HTC Glacier”. But how do we know has a dual core processor?

Looking at the EVO 4G (powered by a 1 GHz Snapdragon) score on the CPU test, 516 frames. The HTC Glacier’s score is 1432 frames which is around three times that of HTC’s fastest device at present. This can only be achieved by a dual core CPU. Now, the new myTouch 3G HD goes to where project? .. Diamond?

Stay tuned for more informationSource

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