T-Mobile will pay you US$ 1000 if your iPhone 4 is faster than the Galaxy S 4G

By: t-marco April 27th, 2011

T-Mobile is aware that its Samsung Galaxy s 4G is faster than any phone in the market, specially the iPhone 4.  That is why, T-Mobile will pay you if your iPhone 4 beats 2 of the 3 speed test against the Galaxy s 4G. As you know, the Galaxy s 4G features a 1Ghz processor and it capable to run under T-Mobile HSPA+ network, reaching  up to 21Mbps.

The offer is from Friday, April 29th until Sunday, May 1st. so, if you think your iPhone is faster than the Galaxy s 4G, go to some select T-Mobile stores and lets the battle begin.


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