T-Mobile Raises SMS Rates, Joins the Club

By: Zach Flauaus June 30th, 2008

sms_prices.jpgFor those who frequently go over your alloted text messages or don’t have a text messaging plan at all, I have some bad news… Again. T-Mobile has raised their texting rates to $.20 per text sent and received to match the industry. There isn’t much to say, so we’ll do a few examples.


So, it’s not much of a difference if you are paying overages, but it can definitely hurt in the pocketbook. Now then, this raises a question: how can such a small amount of data cost so much for the carriers to transfer? The answer: it doesn’t. They want people to get the texting plans because it makes them more revenue upfront. Granted, why carriers feel the need to mimic one another by raising prices and abandoning that much competition I have no clue and probably never will. Nonetheless, we can only expect rates to go up even higher.

Via [Engadget Mobile]

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7 Responses to “T-Mobile Raises SMS Rates, Joins the Club”

  1. Michael Perlman on July 1st, 2008 9:59 am

    Prepaid wireless isn’t much better. The carrier I subscribe to, Boost Mobile, recently announced that they will start charging for incoming text messages after July 23. Currently, incoming text, but not MMS, is included, and outgoing SMS messages are $.10.

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