T-Mobile HSPA+ vs Sprint Wimax .. by PCWorld

By: t-marco February 23rd, 2010

T-Mobile just recently announced its new WebConnect Rocket USB Modem capable to reach speeds up to 21Mbps while Sprint already offers WiMax service for quite a while. PCWorld has compared both services in mayor cities like Las Vegas and Philadelphia.

About the WebConnect Rocket : T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ modem is even faster than the WiMAX devices we tested. But T-Mobile needs to provide a clear picture of their service plans and network buildout before we jump on board.

About Sprint Modem : If you’re connecting with Sprint, there’s no reason to get a 3G-only modem any more. Step up to a 3G/WiMAX combo with the U301—just don’t expect too much of WiMAX.

Check the full comparison here.

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One Response to “T-Mobile HSPA+ vs Sprint Wimax .. by PCWorld”

  1. Robert on February 24th, 2010 7:41 pm

    The idea of going from anywhere from the 0.3Mb/s – 0.6Mb/s speeds I currently "enjoy" with 3G/3.5G to ~2.57Mb/s with HSPA+ is something that seems almost impossible. I know that 3G is a lot faster than 2G or 2.5G but I expected more from 3G. Here's to hoping Oklahoma City gets rolled out soon with the HSPA+ and that it delivers on its promises.

    The 5 gigabyte cap probably won't be a problem for me unless I change how I use my mobile device as a result of the increased speed. I use just under a gigabyte a week under current operating conditions.

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