T-Mobile G1 update RC-33 coming this Feb 5th

By: T-Marco February 3rd, 2009

Looks like T-Mobile and HTC are giving us a new update for the T-Mobile G1. Unfortunately, this is not a cupcake. There are rumors about the cupcake is not going to be available for the G1 but it will be for future G phones. That is really bad news for T-Mobile G1 owners, but nothing official has been released.

“To ensure a great experience with the T-mobile G1 with Google, customers with these devices will receive an Over the Air (OTA) update to their devices between February 5 and February 15. The OTA will include new system enhancements such as the ability to save pictures or files by long-pressing an item, check for system updates, and use the Google Voice Search feature. The OTA will also fix a number of known issues. New G1 activations will receive the OTA up to three days after service has been activated.”

The update, Firmware version 1.1 / RC33, was released to a small number of users today, but will be sent to all G1 users over the next two weeks. The update includes several bug fixes and feature enhancements, but is not ‘Cupcake’.

You need not take any action as the update is issued at random and will reach everyone in due time.

Just wait until your phone will show it needs an update.


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7 Responses to “T-Mobile G1 update RC-33 coming this Feb 5th”

  1. Breathe T-mobile on February 3rd, 2009 1:16 am

    well, i guess i will have to keep waiting for cupcake

  2. T-Marco on February 3rd, 2009 1:26 am

    that sucks

  3. Shawn on February 3rd, 2009 3:23 am

    Yeah I’ve been hearing about a lot of cupcake delays, and I even had a source say it was scrapped…but of course that isn’t official! Hopefully T-Mobile will continue to improve the G1 until the cupcake update is ready

  4. Donutspen on February 3rd, 2009 12:25 pm

    I think this is a load of crap. T-Mobile gets a load of people to buy a phone that, by most standards is still in the beta stages, and then “leaks” that the G1 will have this update that seems like a god send, and to top it all off, they make it sound like we wasted all of our money on a phone they are no longer interested in. If they don release Cupcake for the G1, I can imagine that a lot of people will be angry.

  5. Robert on February 3rd, 2009 4:05 pm

    Huh? Oh yeah big deal. I’m going back sleep. G1 will never get the cupcake period………………. That’s for future phones like the G2 and Samsungs Android.

  6. Solange on February 11th, 2009 10:33 pm

    I just got my RC33 update :)
    it was really random and i just pressed update now, and it took a while to fully download to install, a good 7 minutes.
    Overall i haven’t seen much change. There’s an application called voice search, which you saw what you want google to search for you and it looks for it on google immediately. Pretty impressive, i just want to know what the rest of the update was for.

  7. Get Your Cupcake Today! : T Mobile News & Phone Reviews From Cell Phone Signal on April 15th, 2009 1:54 pm

    [...] told you about the cupcake here, here and here but seams like T-Mobile and Google will not release the cupcake sooner. However, now, [...]

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