T-Mobile congrats Verizon for getting the iPhone : “Now we will make fun of you 2″

By: t-marco January 12th, 2011

For the last couple of months, T-Mobile has been playing a game with an ad campaign that makes fun of AT&T’s network using the iPhone . With Verizon now getting the iPhone too, T-Mobile has decided it will go after that carrier as well.

T-Mobile is pushing a new ad pushing a new 10 dollars unlimited 4G data plan  for any smartphone just making fun of AT&T and Verizon iPhone.

The ad features two identical guys in suits, one with a Verizon red tie and the other with an AT&T blue one, along with the iPhone guy and the T-mobile spokeswoman. The woman asks the iPhone guy whether there is much of a difference between the two networks. “Nope, I’m pretty much slow on either one,” he replies.

Enjoy the Video

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One Response to “T-Mobile congrats Verizon for getting the iPhone : “Now we will make fun of you 2″”

  1. TheZogie on January 20th, 2011 11:10 am

    Um…. you guys are posting the wrong info.. Tmobile doesn’t have a ” $10 unlimited 4G data plan”. Its 10 bucks for 200MG.. Which is two facebooks updated status…(lol!!).. But its not funny…while At&t is expensive they have the technology to allow you to at least use the expensive internet plan while on the phone.. It seems silly that in 2011 in the day of video calling via cell.. Tmobile phone still don’t have that ability…
    10bucks?? Yea that’s a starbucks coffee and that’s about all you’re be able to order online with 200MG.

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