Second Android phone coming really soon to T-Mobile

By: T-Marco June 2nd, 2009

androidsT-Mobile USA is getting ready to roll out its second Google phone, according to T-Mobile’s CTO Cole Brodman, who confirmed the timing in an interview with mocoNews. He said the follow-up device to the T-Mobile G1 will be out in early summer..( means now?) and details of the release would come later this month.

Brodman: “We are really excited about that. We have no more specific details at this time, but wanted to say we remain very committed to the Android platform and are excited about taking this next step.”

Brodman said the device will run the so-called “cupcake” version of the operating system, which is currently rolling out to T-Mobile G1 subscribers. He wouldn’t say much else about the device, but it sounds like it has a high likelihood of coming from a new handset partner, like Motorola Morrison,¬† Samsung Big Foot or Gallaxi, rather than from HTC, which manufactured the original T-Mobile G1.

Brodman: “We’ll have multiple new Android devices?from multiple partners?this year.”

T-Mobile’s brand on Android: The original G1 device was predominately a Google product, and didn’t include much of T-Mobile’s brand. Brodman said that will change. “My perspective is that each device will be focused on a different consumer segment?There’s a couple of paths you can take: You can partner close with Google, and it has Google brand sprinkled throughout, and then there’s the carrier and handset initiative?and non-Google based innovation. We are going to take both paths to market, and you’ll see different elements sprinkled in.”

?T-Mobile on netbooks: Brodman said netbooks are an emerging space for the company and are looking at working with partners over the next several months. Separately, they are seeing several partners embed Android into hybrid devices and into netbooks. Brodman said that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll choose Android, but a mobile-centric platform, like Andorid, makes sense for mobile devices.

?The G1 as a success: T-Mobile’s parent Deutsche Telekom¬† said T-Mobile sold more than 1 million G1s during its first six months on the market. Is that a success? Brodman: “I think for a first generation product?with first-generation hardware and software?and for a period of time it was in the market, it was good. We didn’t launch the G1 for the sake of making the G1 the most successful mobile phone ever built?It was about plays well beyond the G1. From that standpoint,…it was pretty good as a starting point.”

?Will T-Mobile pick up Nokia’s N97?: Brodman said they are not very interested in Nokia’s flagship N97 device, which hits the market this month. Brodman: “Some of the Nokia/Symbian devices have a lot of functionality, but they are quite expensive and Symbian does not have a lot of traction in the U.S. While Nokia is a strong partner, we haven’t had a lot of demand for N-series products to date.

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  3. Robert on June 3rd, 2009 10:32 am

    I stay with T-Mobile despite their lack of Symbian devices. No demand? I have a 6290, N78-3 and 5800 I use in addition to what T-Mobile sells. I doubt that lack of demand is driving the aversion to Symbian at T-Mobile. Lack of desire to have to provide support to the general population using S60 devices they don’t understand – that I believe.

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