San Franciso will celebrate big with MyTouch 3G launch Tomorrow

By: t-marco August 4th, 2009


I love San Francisco, beautiful weather, the trees, the bay, the breeze.. everything and T-Mobile could not choose a better city for the big launch tomorrow for the second Android phone, the new T-Mobile MyTouch 3G. Yes guys tomorrow is the big day and T-Mobile is planing a big party with parachutes and more in San Francisco.

Along with fly-by jets and skywriting, 100 skydivers dressed as “unique personalities” will parachute in synchronized formations over San Francisco as a promotion for T-Mobile.

The skydivers will land at four locations around The City: Justin Herman Plaza, Marina Green Park, Pier 39 and Moscone Recreation Center.

Those areas will be barricaded while the aero-acrobatics ensue. Sky writing will begin at 11:15 a.m. and the divers are set to begin just after noon. Large on-site screens will be installed for the event, offering spectators a live broadcast.

T-Mobile spokeswoman Tania Kingsrud would not spoil the surprise when asked which personalities would be dropping in on San Francisco, although she said there would be at least one Elvis in the sky….

Well guys, if you live in the Bay Area, take your car, or take the muni, bart or your bike.. but dont get the opportunity to see this show, and maybe get some free Mytouch 3G phones.!!

if you go, take pics and send us some.

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4 Responses to “San Franciso will celebrate big with MyTouch 3G launch Tomorrow”

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