Samsung T119 Coming on March 25th

By: Shawn February 18th, 2009

Of course we’re always thrilled when our users send in tips, but this one definitely didn’t get us jumping in the air with joy. For those that watch our Upcoming Phones page, the T-Mobile’s plans to release the T119 shouldn’t come as a surprise. What we learned from our tippsters yesterday, is that T-Mobile plans to release the T119 on March 25th, 2009. It will be advertised as a simple, low-end phone that is easy to use, and obviously very cheap. To be honest, T-Mobile would have to pay us a lot of money to use a nice simple phone like this, but then again how many of their 30 million customers are cell phone junkies like we are? Head on over to our Upcoming Phones page to find out more about T-Mobile’s upcoming phones and devices. 

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