Samsung Memoir Review

By: T-Marco March 17th, 2009

The Samsung Memoir is a problematic phone, mainly because of how it stacks up to its competition. It is undoubtedly the best cameraphone on the market, not just because it has the most densely packed sensor, but also because it took great pics under the best lighting conditions. But there were serious problems in the images, and poor low-light performance means we wouldn’t recommend this phone over a simple point-and-shoot. Though it boasts the highest pixel count, this phone isn’t much improved over the Samsung Behold, which costs about $100 less. So, you’re paying $100 for 3-megapixels and bragging rights. While we liked the calling features and the great calling interface, we still had trouble with the phone’s touchscreen, and we found the TouchWiz interface to be more cosmetic than useful. It’s great to see that cameras on phones are being taken more seriously, but we think that Samsung, and other phone manufacturers, can produce a better high-megapixel phone than this one.

Pros: Great calling features and interface. Best cameraphone on the market. Impressive navigation performance. Looks cool, like a slick little point-and-shoot camera.

Cons: Camera performance doesn’t measure up to a cheap, 8-megapixel point-and-shoot camera. Low-light pics were horrible. Screen occasionally unresponsive, especially the keyboard. TouchWiz interface looks pretty, until you try to use it.

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