Poor sells of T-Mobile’s Garminfone

By: t-marco July 6th, 2010

According with Morgan Keegan analyst, since Garminfone came out in June 9th, T-Mobile has just sold 20 000 units. “Before the product launched, many sales associates spoke with enthusiasm about the device, stating it had by far the best navigation functionality of any mobile phone,” T-Mo says.  “”However, even several days after release, many stores had not yet put the handset out on display, which was probably not very beneficial for sales. Others had not sold any despite displays being set up and several sold a few (less than 5). As of the beginning of this week stores have yet to show any meaningful sales numbers with maybe five sold on average per store since launch.”

Besides the Father’s day Promo, the Garminfone was not a success in sales. T-Mobile needs to spend more money in ads..
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