Nexus S, a Samsung Android phone coming to T-Mobile?

By: t-marco November 11th, 2010

Rumors about Google working on its second Android phone are getting stronger now. As you remember, Google launched its first Google phone made by HTC, the Nexus One, first compatible with T-Mobile 3G band. You only could buy this phone via Google Website and with T-Mobile contract, new or upgrade. Now, BestBuy revealed new information about the second Google Phone, this time the Nexus S. The Nexus S is going to be a “Pure Google”phone but this time made by Samsung.

it’s possible we could still see it before Christmas

the Website is already down but you can see, thanks to Phandroid, how the web used to look.

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2 Responses to “Nexus S, a Samsung Android phone coming to T-Mobile?”

  1. Jay on November 11th, 2010 9:49 pm

    Good for T-Mobile. Which is better so far: LG Optimus or Comet?

  2. Cheikh on November 24th, 2014 6:45 am

    Also if Windows Mobile had a better Myspace/FB app I wud be even more happy.. But I just go onnlie to use those versions anyway.. Plus No twitter app.. Which is ok.. I dnt use it anyway cause I cant get on my phone like I want to and use it.. But when they fix that.. Ill be happy..

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