New Safari on iPhone 2.2

By: T-Marco September 26th, 2008

With the iPhone v2.1 software out of the door, Apple is hard at work on v2.2. From this first glimpse it looks like Apple, now the major bugs have been fixed, will be adding a few new features.

iPhone Atlas, shows a new Safari interface. Above you see a shot from my iPod Touch (left) next to a picture of the new v2.2 Safari. In the new browser, Google gets its own search bar (instead of popping up when you hit the regular URL bar) and the reload button has been moved the address bar, a purely aesthetic change which helps the text-entry areas to look bigger.

There’s still no mention of Copy and Paste, a seemingly ridiculous omission from such a powerful device. But I have a theory: Apple won’t ever put it in, at least not in the form we currently know. The iPhone model is quite different from that of a proper computer. In a Mac or PC, you use the operating system to act on files, be they pictures, emails or text documents.

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3 Responses to “New Safari on iPhone 2.2”

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