Motorola CLIQ Rumors – Price and Release Date

By: Admin September 12th, 2009


As your leading T-Mobile News Provider, CellPhoneSignal continues to do our best to sort through all the garbage and rumors to bring you the truth about upcoming devices and services. As the Motorola CLIQ storms the Internet in the recent days, we have seen prices from… $0 to $359.99, and release dates from September to December. Our two most contested and unknown pieces of information are release date and price. While we are independently working to confirm a nice bit of information we got, here is what has been made available so far:

Release Dates:

  • T-Mobile: The Motorola CLIQ will be released before the Holidays
  • The Motorola CLIQ pre-order will begin on October 19th
  • BoyGeniusReport: The Motorola CLIQ is shipping from T-Mobile stores on September 29th, meaning a pre-order would begin around september 20th.
  • CellPhoneSignal: We couldn’t tell you where these people are getting their info from, but it looks as if everyone is pretty sure of their sources. We are hesitant to jump into the rumor-pool yet without a bit more confirming but look for our expected release date coming soon


  • Engadget: The first to post any rumors on this device, Engadget published a picture taken from T-Mobile’s website showing the Motorola CLIQ for $399.99 with no contract, or FREE with a 2 year contract:


  • CellPhoneSignal: We have seen numbers that show the CLIQ price at $359.99. Although we’re sure that means with no contract, it does contradict Engadget’s posting. For now Endgaget seems the most likely to be true (that may just be wishful thinking though) and reliable.

Top Picture via TmoNews

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