Motoblur on a T-Mobile G1?

By: t-marco October 9th, 2009


Motoblur, Motorola’s social network exclusive  available only on the Motorola Cliq, is the key feature for the new Android phone from Motorola. Seams that Motoblur can also be installed ( not officially ) to other Android phones, like T-Mobile G1.

One enterprising Android addict has got Motoblur running on the year old phone already, so read on for the details on the heavenly hack.

Except for some small problems, (WiFi and Bluetooth are MIA, on/off/end key not mapped), verything seems to be in working order.

The Contacts are grouped into All, FaceBook, Google, MySpace, and Twitter and you can use any or all of them.  The Happenings widget gives me FaceBook and Twitter updates and the Social widget gives me access to post my status update to both Facebook and Twitter and any other social app at the same time.

Thanks XD developers

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20 Responses to “Motoblur on a T-Mobile G1?”

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