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By: T-Marco September 23rd, 2008

Gizmodo had the opportunity to have the new G1 on their hands. and explain more about this device.

It does look as nice as it does in the photos. The screen is fantastic, and it’s actually not as chunky as it looks, but it’s definitely not iPhone.

The touchscreen is better than we had hoped—far better than the HTC Touch’s slow-to-respond screen. Scrolling is smooth at times, clunky at others, depending on the app.

Browsing: It may just be that we’re not comfortable with it yet, but the browsing is kind of clunky. Again, control is an issue – lots of UI to fight through. Scrolling and zooming around a rendered page is a bit jerky as well, but on par with Opera Mini and similar mobile browsers. Even though they’re both based on Webkit, it’s not as smooth as Multitouch Safari, yet. Scrolling around web pages with the trackball is definitely smoother and more intuitive, immediately, than using the touch screen.

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