iPhone 3G launch, A little butchered

By: Zach Flauaus July 11th, 2008

Well, today is iDay 3G and not very many people are happy with Apple right now. It seems that they haven’t solved their activation problems from last year as they are sending many folks home with a non-working iPhone, putting to rest the thought that the iPhone must be activated in-store. But it’s not just activation issues that’s plaguing the iPhone.

The much anticipated release of iPhone 2.0 software update was scheduled to be released today and while, yes, it has been out unofficially and it was featured as being up on iTunes, they have taken the upgrade down because their activation servers are not working how they planned, aka, not working at all. This goes for both the iPhone and iPod touch users who are upgrading to 2.0. The current consensus is that if you already have a functioning iPhone or iPod touch, do NOT upgrade to 2.0 until these issues are resolved.

In addition to the butchered iPhone launch is the chopped-into-pieces launch of MobileMe, Apple’s “Exchange for everyone else.” MobileMe was scheduled to launch yesterday but the servers have been constantly up and down, letting some folks in for short periods of time before shutting them out of the system.

There are even more issues arising for our O2-UK users across the pond as their activation system is only accessible through Internet Explorer 7, so the Apple store had to install VMWare Fusion to be able to run Internet Explorer (as it’s only available on Windows, not OS X), but that method of activation isn’t working really. I’ve seen on my Twitter stream an image of an O2 notice saying it could take 2-3 days to activate your new iPhone on O2.

So basically, overall consensus? The launch has been butchered all across for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 2.0 (and iPod touch 2.0), and MobileMe. Apparently they never got around to fixing those issues from last year.


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