Huawei Android Device Heading to T-Mobile UK

By: Shawn April 3rd, 2009

As we see rumors of the T-Mobile getting the Huawei G3, we need to point out one tiny little detail overlooked by T-Mobile and Android blogs across the net. Let us start with a quote from a Huawei spokesman, that reads: “I can confirm that Huawei will be releasing the third Google phone on T-Mobile this year.” Exciting, right? Well we traced this quote from TmoToday, to TalkAndroid, to AndroidPhone UK, to MobileToday UK. Our conclusion: The quote is most likely real, and T-Mobile will most likely recieve the Huawei Android devices. But which T-Mobile? Many T-Mobile USA forget that while T-Mobile is only the 4th largest carrier in the United States, it happens to be one of the largest wireless carriers overseas and around the world. The quote, speaking about T-Mobile UK, caused quote a stir for the T-Mobile USA blogisphere, which happens to much bigger then any of the three competing and much larger wireless companies in the United States. 

Now that I shot down your hopes and dreams, give me a chance to back track a bit. The fact that T-Mobile UK will be receiving the device is in fact good news for T-Mobile USA costumers. With a device like this, there is a decent chance that T-Mobile will be able to pick up a worldwide exclusive, or at least we will pick up an exclusive here in the United States. We will even go far enough to state that we are fairly confident that T-Mobile USA will indeed pick up the Huawei Android device at some point. If we had to guess, we will see it in the final months of 2009, or in Q1 of 2010. We are hearing that T-Mobile plans to expand their Android line drastically through the remainder of 2009. With the G2, and at least two more Android devices on their way to T-Mobile’s shelves, we look forward to the low, and high end Android devices headed our way. Specs on the Huawei Android device will likely include:


  • 5mp Camera
  • 3mm Headphone jack
  • Wifi
  • We are fairly certain that 3G will be included
Stay tuned to CPS for more information coming soon! We’re looking into some fun stories on a few upcoming Android devices, so be sure to logon to CPS often to see the breaking news!


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