HTC Maple ROM leaked – Heading to T-Mobile as 3G Dash

By: Shawn April 8th, 2009

WMExperts got their hands on the ROM for the upcoming T-Mobile Dash 3G (often referred to as the Maple, Captain, or the Snap), and of course spilled the saucy details they uncovered. With a confirmation that the HTC Snap is heading to T-Mobile’s shelves, they dug up the following details:


  • ‘Internal codename for T-mobile is “Captain” (akaMaple aka Snap aka Dash 3g)
  • Model number for HTC is S522
  • The much hyped “Inner Circle” files are not in the shipping ROM (!)
  • A new feature…lets you send an Audio Postcard to your contacts, You take a picture from the camera, the camera will then give you a selection of boarders you can add to it. From there you can add a 60 second audio clip the the picture. And send it to either an email or a MMS account.”‘
Exciting news for those craving some nice Windows Mobile 3G love. With a rumored release date of July, the 3G Dash should provide users with some more options to T-Mobile’s ever-expanding 3G network. Stay tuned for more specs and release date news! 


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2 Responses to “HTC Maple ROM leaked – Heading to T-Mobile as 3G Dash”

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