HTC Magic and T-Mobile link?

By: Shawn February 19th, 2009

Admittedly this one is not even near the “solid information” category, but we found it to be an interesting development in the adventure of the recently announced HTC Magic. 

According to this video posted on YouTube by Slashgear, we see what we are told is the HTC Magic, sporting a brand name above the screen that looks suspiciously similar to T-Mobile’s. The HTC Magic can be seen 2:28 in the video. A screenshot of the video at 2:29 can be seen above.

Look fermiliar? It should. Check out the top of the T-Mobile G1 in white:



So what the heck is going on here? Even if it is a T-Mobile logo, does that mean the phone is necessarily destined for T-Mobile USA? We’re going to leave it up to our users to discuss what the connections are here, and of course we will keep digging on our end and report back as soon as we learn more! 


To the left we can see the sexy HTC Magic will look like with the Vodafone Logo.


*Warning: Feelings of love, lust, and an unstoppable desire towards the HTC Magic are normal, but if symptoms persist for longer then 4 hours please seek medical attention. 

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