Google stopped online sales of Nexus One, soon!

By: t-marco May 14th, 2010

Google just announced will stop selling its Nexus One smart-phone online and close its Web store, leaving only carrier store available. In the USA only will be via T-Mobile is getting ready to sell the Nexus One online and store, the proof? actually the picture above come from so, far this is the only picture available

Google said its Web store would morph into an “online store window” where it could showcase a variety of phones built with its Android software.

We believe T-Mobile will get the Nexus One page available really soon and not lose new customers. The handset, which was manufactured by HTC Corp., has sold for $529 without wireless service. It costs $179 for U.S. customers that commit to a two-year contract.

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13 Responses to “Google stopped online sales of Nexus One, soon!”

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