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These rules are designed to ensure that CellPhoneSignal remain a fun, positive, and friendly cell phone community. The CellPhoneSignal staff reserves the right to edit, delete, and/or lock entire posts/threads whenever these rules have been broken. CellPhoneSignal will make every attempt to keep objectionable posts off of the forum by using a dedicated team of members and moderators. However, it is impossible to review all posts. Each post expresses the view of its author, and the administrator of CellPhoneSignal will not be held responsible for the content. These rules are regularly updated and revised, so it is recommended that you take the time to check them periodically. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the administrator.

The Warning System

At CellPhoneSignal, members and moderators are only allowed to receive up to three warnings. A warning equals a violation of a forum rule. It's important to note that only the Administrator can warn a moderator. Unfortunately, once a member or moderator receives three warnings, the Administrator will remove his or her account indefinitely (and ban his or her IP address). However, the three warning system does not apply if a member or moderator posts pornography, blatant spam, or bashes another forum member, moderator, or the Administrator. In this case, the member’s account will be removed immediately. If a moderator or member feels that a member has violated a forum rule that is not specifically listed in the Forum Rules, he or she should report the incident to the Administrator ( Likewise, if a member feels they have received an unfair warning, he or she should contact the Administrator. Never discuss your warning in the public forum. The Administrator will handle the situation from that point forward.

In addition, if you are a banned user and attempt to re-register, your IP Address will be logged and reported to the FBI without hesitation:

The Rules

1. Do not use insulting, threatening or provoking language.

2. Do not incite 'flaming' on the basis of race, religion, politics, gender, nationality or sexuality - or any other personal characteristic.

3. Do not swear, use hate-speech or make obscene and vulgar comments. Users will receive one strike if they break this rule.

4. Do not break the law. This includes libel, condoning illegal activity and contempt of court (i.e. writing anything that might affect the outcome of an approaching court case).

5. Do not link to, or refer to, illegal downloads of applications, games, copyrighted images, movies, music or anything else that is being illegally distributed. This includes hacks, keygens, serials, and file sharing services.

6. You may post a small amount of third party material, but to avoid breaching copyright you must credit the author and publication. Wherever possible, please provide a link to the material instead.

7. Please don't post the same message/comment to more than one forum. If a message is posted in the wrong area, politely ask for it to be moved to a more appropriate place.

8. Advertising in the forum is not allowed. You can however mention relevant, non-commercial websites, as long as they support your comment. Companies advertising may be invoiced for the appropriate fee for commercial advertising.

9. You may not impersonate or falsely claim to represent a person or organization. Misleading other users by abusing the registration procedure will result in the account being terminated immediately. Additionally, companies must not register false user names to promote their company/services.

10. Please post in English! We can't provide translations, although it is acceptable to post foreign information if the poster translates the message as necessary.

11. Do not post private addresses or phone numbers, including your own. You may post email addresses, as long as it is made clear who they belong to.

12. Attempting to post invitations (either on the forum, or via private messaging to individual users) to MLM/Pyramid schemes will have their accounts deleted. Do not post advertisements or links to such sites.

13. If a post is edited, or a thread is locked or deleted, we will give you an explanation. Do not restart a thread or ask on the forum why the message/thread was removed.

14. You may edit your post at a later date, but please do not abuse this by changing a message to make people who have replied look stupid. If you need to change a significant part of your message, please insert the word 'Edit:' and explain what has been changed. If you wish to retract a message completely, please delete it (or ask for it to be removed).

15. When replying to a message in any thread, please quote selectively and resist the temptation to quote the whole message to add an 'I agree' type reply. Other users can already see the original message/s above yours.

16. Please do not post messages simply to increase your post count. CellPhoneSignal does not reward users who reach 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000 posts. Anyone who is clearly trying to up his or her post count without contributing anything useful will be given a strike. These messages will be deleted, which consequently lowers the post count. Don't waste your time!

Image Attachments, Signatures & Avatars

While many users have access to broadband/3G connections, there are still users on ordinary dial-up or connecting over GSM. We ask that you show respect to these users by thinking about the size of any images you work with.


If you wish to post large images (e.g. megapixel camera images), please try and post them as a link to a remote host, so users can choose whether to load the picture or not. Alternatively, consider posting a smaller version (thumbnail) with a link to the full size version. Images wider than approximately 550 pixels cause the forum to 'stretch' horizontally. This makes it harder to read posts, so please resize them where possible - or link to them off site. All images, unless copyrighted already, are subject to being watermarked with the CellPhoneSignal logo and image rights are owned by CellPhoneSignal.


It's acceptable to have signatures that contain images and animations, but please do not abuse this by attaching massive .GIF animation files (as a guide, please keep them below 75KB). Your signature may not contain advertising or anything else that breaches the rules above. If you fail to abide by these rules, you may lose the right to have a signature on your account.


Please do not use an avatar wider than 180 pixels and do not use excessive .GIF animations (as a guide, please keep them below 50KB). Your avatar may not contain advertising or anything else that breaches the main rules above. If you fail to abide by these rules, you may lose the right to have an avatar on your account.

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