View Full Version : 3g on Sierra aircard 881

02-18-2009, 06:33 PM
Hi, I am a newbie here. I bought a Tmobile Wing some months ago to ocassionally use as a modem for my laptop. As it turns out, the Wing only seems to connect to GPRS in South Florida (Broward County), and it is extremely useless...most times I am getting less than 40 kbps download. I just bought a Sierra 881 aircard (originally ATT but unlocked) and once I get the card I will attempt to use it to connect to the T-Mob 3G network here that apparently has pretty good coverage. I have heard that you can get anywhere from 400kbps to 1Mbps download on Tmob's 3G.

Has anyone done this before? can you share experiences? Most of my work is done in retail locations and a lot in people's houses...I either get this hook-up to work or I have to dump T-Mob and go with ATT or Sprint that have really good 3G.

Appreciate any feedback...I will share if my experiment is successful.