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10-30-2007, 10:01 AM
This phone looks insane:
Highly revolutionary Nokia N96 in sight

30-10-2007: Today, a very special Nokia came in sight, namely the Nokia N96. This device has a 10 gigabyte memory capacity, a 6 megapixel camera with optical zoom and GPS module. This seems to good to be true.

Door: Willeke de Haas

The Nokia N96 could be a revolutionary and overwhelming device when it would really come to the market. Clear is that Nokia would strike big with the Nokia N96 when the device would be announced and that they would show what a real market leader is. The Nokia N96 will offer specifications which we have not seen with any other manufacturer earlier.

Multimedia has never been better
The Nokia N96 will become an immense bestseller when the Finnish manufacturer would bring the device to the market. Because of the clear and detailed photos of the device, the Nokia N96 will probably come to the market but the expectation is that the announcement is a couple of months away. Multimedia with the mobile phone has never been better as with the Nokia N96. First of all, the huge display catches our eye and this will probably be a 3.2 inch touchscreen and offer 16 million colours.

Display Nokia N96 is huge

Besides the large display, the full QWERTY keyboard prominent and this offers the possibility to type messages and e-mails on high speed. The keyboard can be slid out at two sides but the user can also choose to use a regular numbered keyboard when he wants to type a quick message or a phone number. This keyboard is quite special because the earlier mentioned QWERTY keys have made place for regular numbered keys with help of extra numbers that are illuminated at this moment instead of the QWERTY symbols.

Regular keyboard is also possible

The 6 megapixel camera of the Nokia N96 is promising for the future and not one single other European manufacturer offers such a resolution in a phone at this moment. Remarkable is the optical zoom lense which is placed at the back of the Nokia N96. When the user has to zoom in in order to get closer to far-away images the zoomlense automatically slides out.

Optical zoom Nokia N96

The Nokia N96 does not offer stereo speakers anumore, the device namely offers four speakers. Besides UMTS, HSDPA and WCDMA, the Nokia N96 will also offers WiFi b/g and bluetooth 2.0. A GPS receiver would also be implemented into the device and this can be used for full navigation purposes. When both keyboards are closed the maps will be perfectly clear on the large display.

Nokia N96

Nokia has not announced her N96 yet but it is clear that the Finnish manufacturer would hit her competitors immensely when the device would really come to the market. A device like the Nokia N96 would be far ahead of its competitors.

Photos at gsmhelpdesk.com