UPDATE : Dell Streak 7 or M02M passed FCC featuring HSDPA 850/1900 and 1700 all together

By: t-marco December 27th, 2010

Just yesterday showed you the first official pictures of the new Dell Streak 7 , aka M02M, hitting T-Mobile USA, in a few weeks. The new Dell Streak 7 as you know, its a 7 ” tablet featuring  Android OS, double camera for video calls, and more. Now FCC passed the Dell Streak 7. The interesting part here is the same device will carry, not only the AWS Bands used by T-Mobile, but also 850/1900 3G used by AT&T and all South Americas countries.

That does not mean the Dell Streak 7 will come to AT&T. Probably Dell decided to build it that way so people can buy it unlocked directly from DELL.com

That is a great and interesting feature for this device. I believe AT&T customers are happy to hear that they will have to opportunity to use it running 850/1900 3G bands.

We just hope that the Dell Streak 7 will be capable for HSPA+, so far any documentation on FCC says that. Just HSDPA, WiFi b/g/n, and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR.

UPDATE: according with FCC , the model  is Dell Looking Glass Tablet, but the model No. is M02M, same as the Dell Streak 7.

UPDATE 2 : The new Dell Streak 7 aka M02M  will have the Huawei EM820U module , and yes, it will feature HSPA+


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