CellPhoneSignal Weekly Review – Week 1

By: Shawn August 14th, 2009

Wow, what a week! With over 20 articles published here on CPS in the past week, we understand that not everyone has time to read through our arsenal of all T-Mobile News, and breaking news in the wireless industry. That is why we are bringing you a summary of this week in a quick, easy to read article. Without further ado, here is the weekly review for the 2nd week of August:

CPS Deal of the Week:

Upcoming Phones:

  • Aug. 7th: A convincing screenshot of HTC’s website surfaces, showing specifications for the “HTC Hero (T-Mobile USA).” A short while after this screenshot surfaces, T-Mobile denies that we will be seeing the HTC Hero on T-Mobile shelves.
  • Aug. 7th: CPS breaks the news: A interesting Nokia devices passes the FCC, and while we don’t have a lot of details, we can tell that it is extra wide, with a QWERTY keyboard, T-Mobile 3G, and more. We suspect this is the N900 or Nokia Rover, and Internet tablet that, according to MobileCrunch, is headed to T-Mobile shelves in September. Read the article
  • Aug. 9th: (Hit the jump for more!)A new engineering sketch of the Motorola Morrison surfaces, along with a number of specifications. Spec highlights include 512 mb of RAM, magnetometer, 5 megapixel camera with video capture, Android, GPS, and more. Read more here, or see all of T-Mobile’s upcoming phones here.
  • Aug. 9th: Remember that Nokia Internet tablet that passed through the FCC? Well more details emerge 2 days later, with rumors of the device hitting T-Mobile shelves sometime in late September! Chances are this device has been delayed, at least until the beginning of October, as we have heard nothing about it. To read more about the N900 3G Internet tablet,click here.
  • Aug. 10th: Remember the Samsung Galaxy? Sleek looking touch phone from Samsung running Android. Well some pretty good-lookin’ pictures emerge of this upcoming device. Although they are not branded with T-Mobile’s name, we have very solid reason to believe that this device will hit T-Mobile in Q4 2009, or Q1 2010 at the latest. To view pictures of the device,click here.
  • Aug. 10th: CrackBerry gets their hands on the Blackberry Driftwood 9700, a brand new Blackberry headed to T-Mobile’s network in the coming months. The Driftwood will be T-Mobile’s first 3G Blackberry, and will offer many upgrades over currently offered Blackberrys. For pictures and specifications, click here.
  • Aug. 12th: The HTC Touch Pro2 is release on T-Mobile’s network, after months of hype, excitement, and waiting. For a whopping $350 on a 2 year contract. The Touch Pro2 is T-Mobile’s most feature-laden device, with Wifi, 3G, QWERTY keyboard, touchscreen, and great picture and video camera. For pictures and specification of the T-Mobile Touch Pro2, click here.
  • Aug. 12th: The Motorola Morrison that we saw specs and pictures of has been known as heading to T-Mobile USA for quite some time. On the 12th, we saw this device pass through the FCC with CDMA bands as opposed to GSM, meaning that another carrier will be seeing this device, such as Sprint or Verizon. To see renderings or read more about the CDMA version of the Morrison, click here.
  • Aug. 13th: With the release of the Touch Pro2 on the previous day, a whole slew of interest in the device started pouring into our inboxes, so we compiles Touch Pro2 reviews from some of the top mobile phone sites from around the net. To view these reviews, click here.
  • Aug. 13th: TmoNews got their hands on a screenshot showing T-Mobile’s newest music phone: the Nokia 5130.Feature highlights include a 2 megapixel camera, 21 hours of music-play, 6 hours of talk time, and much more. The Nokia 5130 will be release on T-Mobile on September 16th. [Article] [Specifications of the Nokia 5130] [List of Upcoming T-Mobile Phones]
  • Aug. 13th: The Samsung T659 (Scarlet) that you have heard so much about is confirmed to be hitting T-Mobile’s shelves on September 2nd. Of course we had this weeks before anyone else posted this as news, but we wont brag! To view the article, click here. To view all of T-Mobile’s Upcoming Phones, click here.
  • Aug. 13th: We can’t forget the fact that HTC just passed the 1 million sold marker on their new HTC Magic handset (T-Mobile’s MyTouch 3G)
  • Aug. 13th: Our Upcoming Phones page has been updated! Have you seen our upcoming phones page? If not, we’ll cry. Out of pity. For you. Check it out here, it rocks.
  • Aug. 13th: T-Mobile Pulse, aka Huawei U8220 gets Wi-Fi certification and reveals itself. Exciting News! Read more here!

T-Mobile Promotions and Services:

  • Aug. 5th & 7th: T-Mobile takes over San Francisco with their wild publicity stunts and promotions, including 100s of sky divers ascending on the city, in the shape of the T-Mobile T. Videos and Pictures here: Article 1  (Pictures)Article 2 (Video)
  • Aug. 7th: T-Mobile.com gets a complete makeover. Now featuring a more simple, easy-to-navigate site, with easy to access links such as “Plan It,” “Find It,” and “Personalize It.”  See the new T-Mobile.com
  • Aug. 11th: T-Mobile announces that they will begin charging customers that receive paper bills an extra $1.50 per month. Stated as way to go green and help the environment, we would offer an alternative of giving customers that don’t use paper billing $1 off their bill, as many people across the United States don’t have the means to pay all their bills online. Either way, read all the details here.
  • Aug. 13th: St. Louis, MO, and Spokane, WA both get their 3G switched on. Click here to read the details.
  • Aug. 13th: Wow, what a busy say! T-Mobile decided to follow our lead and be the best in the industry! T-Mobile wins the J.D. Power and Associates away for top Customer Service for the 9th time in the past 10 surveys. 9/10 aint bad, especially in an industry where Customer Care is a declining amenity. To view the press release and details of T-Mobile’s newest triumph, CLICK HERE!

Oh, and watch CellPhoneSignal on Monday for some incredible contests and prize giveaways! Stay tuned!

Have news for us? Found something T-Mobile related on another site that you think is big? Let us know!

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