Samsung U450, aka Intensity also coming to Altell

By: t-marco August 26th, 2009


The new Samsung Intensity U450 is gonna be available for Verizon Wireless on Sept 8th according with BGR. But seams that the new touch screen phone is not gonna be available only for Verizon. According with, the Samsung SCH-U450 will be available also to Altell.

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FCC leaked a new Motorola CDMA

By: T-Marco January 12th, 2009

Today, FCC leaked not one but actually 2 CDMA phones from Motorola. The name is unknown but this new Motorola will have 2 version. One (M1) only with 800 and 1900 CDMA, probably hitting Sprint  or Verizon/Alltel. The M2, besides the 800 and 1900, will carry the 1700 AWS for Cricket or MetroPCS.

Alltel Preparing Motorola VE20

By: T-Marco September 15th, 2008

Following Sprint, Alltel is going to bring us the new Motorola WE20 CDMA phone. Congratulations on your new MOTORAZR™VE20 CDMA wireless phone! It’s an affordable phone with a sleek, stylish design that’s sure to get you noticed. Rich Multimedia — Take pictures and video in a snap with the 2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom. Listen to your favorite music

Alltel Starting EVDO Rev. A Rollout

By: Zach Flauaus June 26th, 2008

alltel.jpgAlltel users can finally stop envying Verizon users (or soon to be fellow users) and Sprint as Alltel is finally rolling out EVDO Rev. A in certain areas. Verizon Wireless has had their networks at Rev. A for quite some time as well as most of Sprint’s network being Rev. A. The list of markets hasn’t been fully released but includes Charlotte, New Orleans, Phoenix, and Tampa.

For those who may not be familiar with EVDO Rev. 0 and Rev. A, here’s a quick rundown. EVDO Rev. 0 has average download speeds between 400-700Kbps with bursts of 2.4Mbps (which is rarely seen) in addition to low upload speeds with an average of 50-70Kbps and bursts up to 144Kbps. Rev. A, on the other hand, boosts everything with an average download speed between 600Kbps to 1.4Mbps and bursts up to 3.1Mbps and average uploads go up to 500-800Kbps with bursts to 1.8Mbps. Also as a side benefit is lower latency for better VoIP usage.

As a user of EVDO Rev. A (on Verizon’s network), I can attest to the fact that Alltel users will greatly appreciate this boost given that they can actually use it. Owners of the UTStarcomm UM150, Huawei EC228, HTC PPC6800, and HTC Touch will be able to benefit from the new upgrades through a simple software upgrade. An additional number thrown in is 82 percent: the number of potential customers that will have EVDO coverage compared to 76 percent now.

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