Another 3G phone approved, this time Samsung SGH-T559

By: T-Marco May 29th, 2009

Samsung SGH-T559All the four 3G Samsung phones we’ve told you will come to T-Mobile, are passing already by FCC. Just after the Samsung T749, aka Spark, passed FCC, another 3G Samsung did it. This time is the Samsung T559.

We told you some information about this phone here.  Looking the shape of the phone, seams it will be designed for texters, fallowing the style of the Xo or Gravity.

samsungHere some information:

Quadband GSM and Dual Band (HSDPA 3G) (1700 and 2100)

Screen Size : 240 x 400 (same size as LG Vu , Samsung PIxon or LG Dare)

2 Soft keys

Java Enabled

MP3 player and Video player ( mpeg4, mp4 and h263)

Browser : NetFront Version 3.5 ( same as Behold with frames and tables capable)

WAP 2.0

possible date released : July 15th 2009

More information soon, and don’t forget to check our Upcoming phones Here

Bluetooth 2.0  with EDR , Profile : Basic Printing, Dial Up neetworking, file transfer, handsfree, headset, object push, service discorey, serial port, stereo headset and General Object exchange profile.


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4 Responses to “Another 3G phone approved, this time Samsung SGH-T559”

  1. Mobile News | Another 3G phone approved, this time Samsung SGH-T559 | Download Free Software on May 29th, 2009 4:18 pm

    [...] here: Another 3G phone &#97&#112&#112roved, this time Samsung SGH-T559 Tags: are-passing, eight-or-nine, market, phone, samsung-t749, the-market, the-shape, [...]

  2. ibrahim on April 16th, 2011 6:59 am

    hiii all i have samsung t559 and it need new saftware i'm from jordan can you help me my e-mail

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