myTouch Boddy and Pheonix coming this July, and ICS for SGSII this May 14th

By: t-marco April 28th, 2012

Some leaked information indicates that the Samsung Galaxy S II (t-mobile flavor) will receive ICS officially this May 14th. Also the Huawei Boddy and Pheonix  aka new myTouch with and without Qwerty Keyboard will arrive July 11th.  Also T-Mobile will launch other low end devices and the mystery Samsung Apex Q.

Here is the list:

  • May 9th: Huawei Astor (low-end phone for 7-Eleven)
  • July 11th: Huawei Buddy and Phoenix
  • July 11th: Samsung Gravity TXT (new color)
  • Aug 1st: Samsung T159 Cacao (low-end handset)
  • Aug 15th: Samsung Apex Q (mystery device)

Stay tuned for more information.

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T-Mobile HTC One S having Battery issues while WiFi calling, patch coming soon!

By: t-marco April 28th, 2012

T-Mobile just launched the new HTC One S featuring many features, one very important is the WiFi calling capability. However, this specific feature is killing the battery while you use it.

“To reduce battery drain while using Wi-Fi Calling, keep the device plugged in to charge. This issue will be addressed in an upcoming software update.”.

Now you know its official and the fix will be coming soon.

Exclusive : Confirmed, Samsung Galaxy Nexus coming to T-Mobile

By: t-marco April 23rd, 2012

As we told you before, the Galaxy Nexus aka Samsung T999 will hit T-Mobile stores really soon. Now, exclusively CellphoneSignal just found  that Gooogle Nexus Store already uploaded the T-Mobile Logo on its server  ( confirming that the Galaxy Nexus aka T999 will arrive at T-Mobile Network really soon.

So you heard it here first! , now we need to wait for the official statement from T-Mobile, Samsung or Google.

More details of the Samsung T879 aka Galaxy Note for T-Mobile

By: t-marco April 20th, 2012

The Samsung Galaxy Note is really cool smart phone -tablet only available in USA via AT&T. However, rumors and leaked information indicates that the Note will be available also on Sprint and now T-Mobile.  Now, we got more information about our mystery phone Samsung T879. We can confirmed that the Samsung T879 will feature the same 1280×800 resolution, exactly as the Galaxy Note.

Samsung Galaxy Note features a 5.3 inch HD Super AMOLED touchscreen WXGA (1280×800, 285ppi) display which is the largest and highest quality display available in any primary mobile device of today. The high resolution display ensures that PowerPoint presentations, web-pages, news apps and e-books can be viewed comfortably with minimal scrolling or zooming.

As you can see, the Galaxy Note will hit T-Mobile Stores soon as the Samsung T879.

Stay tuned for more information.

T-Mobile’s 3G Network, the fastest , HSPA+ ..”held its own with the 4G services of its larger competitors”

By: t-marco April 18th, 2012

T-Mobile has just made its new “Test Drive” tool available for comparing the speed of “American’s Largest 4G Network” to other guys- Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon. However T-Mobile is not fair. The Magenta company makes the comparison using the SGS II (a 4G Phone ) with the iPhone 4S ( a 3G ). We know already who is going to win.

Samsung Galaxy invites to the event this May 3rd.. SGSIII coming?

By: t-marco April 17th, 2012

Samsung’s new Galaxy device is to be unveiled in London because it is to be the official phone of the Olympics, according to reports.  Samsung has sent out invitations for the launch of its next Galaxy device.  The invitation, however, offers few clues over what device Samsung plans to show off, although many have taken the inclusion of Galaxy as evidence that it will be the company’s new flagship S3 handset.

According to sources, the GSIII will be available in both a 16GB and 32GB versions, feature the rumored quad-core Exynos processor with LTE compatibility and will also — get this — come with a 1080p HD display.

Samsung has also planned for simultaneous launch event for the GS3 to occur in New York (US), Seoul (Korea) and Dubai. The invitation for the event reads simply “Come and meet the next Galaxy”, and gives details of the location of the next “Samsung Unpacked” event.

Nokia Lumia 900 coming to T-Mobile USA this summer?

By: t-marco April 17th, 2012

Nokia Lumia 900 is a great new Windows Phone, now just exclusively available on AT&T for only 45 days. According with WMPower User, T-Mobile will get the new Nokia Lumia 900 this summer. Not happy with the Lumia 700, the magenta carrier will ad another 4G Windows Phone. We assume this will run under 42 Mbps HSPA+ network.

Stay tuned for more information.

Is the Samsung T879 the Samsung Galaxy Note for T-Mobile?

By: t-marco April 14th, 2012

I bet it is.. Just few days ago, we reported the new Samsung T879 coming to T-Mobile as a some tablet, but now seams that the mystery is getting solved. According with Bluetooth SIG site, the Samsung T879 is related with the Samsung i717 aka Samsung Galaxy Note for AT&T.

Not few days ago, Sprint also leaked some information about getting its own variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note called Journal.  Now, make sense that T-Mobile will do the same.