T-Mobile launches More for Me app for Android devices

By: t-marco June 16th, 2011

T-Mobile just announced a new More for Me app for Phone running Android 1.6 or later. The new More for Me will show you all the best deals in your area, like concert tickets, restaurants, health and more.  Those discounts  are provided by sites such as LivingSocial. You just need to go to the Market and download the apk to get all the good deals in town.



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A LG mystery Android phone coming to T-Mobile?

By: t-marco June 16th, 2011

This is new for everyone.  What you see, is a new Double Screen LG Android phone hitting to T-Mobile USA. Additionally, it will have a full Qwerty Keyboard.  Name, according with the road map leaked few weeks ago, there re 2 names on the list. One is the LG Flip II..( where is the Number I) and Maxx Q. . Don’t forget that just recently, Sprint leaked information about a new LG phone coming, the LG Optimus Slider aka LG Q.  Probably this is the T-Mo version of the new Optimus line hitting USA, not only to T-Mo but also for the rest of carrier

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LG BEJC 729 just passed FCC with AWS/ HSPA+ bands.. hitting T-Mobile?

By: t-marco June 15th, 2011

FCC just passed a new LG phone with code LG BEJC 729, compatible with 3G/4G T-Mobile bands. As you remember, T-Mo is planing to launch a new LG android device called, Optimus II aka Gelato. Probably this is going to  T-Mobile version of the new Optimus II, a replacement of the mid range Optimus T.

The new LG 4G phone will feature Quandband GSM/EDGE, 1700/2100 HSPA, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, camera still unknown.

Stay tuned for more information.

T-Mobile Sensation 4G already available for 199 and get and extra 50 bucks off for a limited time

By: t-marco June 15th, 2011

T-Mobile has just started to sell the new HTC Sensation 4G today via web and store. But T-Mobile is offering a 50 dollars mail in rebate discount if you purchase the phone via web only You only need to enter the discount code : SENSATION50 on checkout.

The HTC Sensation 4G features a 4.3-inch Super LCD display with qHD resolution, a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor and an 8-megapixel camera with full 1080p HD video capture support.

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Finally Apple starts selling unlocked iPhones in the USA

By: t-marco June 14th, 2011

Starting today, Tuesday June 14th, 2011, Apple decided to sell the iPhone 4 fully unlocked. This is not the first time Apple does that. Apple store have been selling unlocked iPhones in many international countries like Hong Kong and Canada. Now, for the first time, Apple will sell the iPhone 4 (16Gb and 32 GB) completely unlocked, so you will use it with any GSM carrier in the USA or out.

With just a few months between the start of the summer and the expected launch of Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone, the availability of unlocked devices will allow also users to purchase iPhones now and then make a subsidized purchase in September, or whenever Apple finally does release the iPhone 5.

T-Mobile users .. this is your chance to own and iPhone without any problems of paying to get it unlocked and having issues when you update the software. However, this iPhone 4 will no support yet AWS 3G band.  Maybe you should wait until September and get the iPhone 5.



HTC Flyer passed FCC with T-Mo Bands

By: t-marco June 13th, 2011

FCC just passed the first HTC Tablet, the HTC Flyer with T-Mobie 3G , possibly 4G bands.  Back in March, thanks to Pocketnow, we saw the first ad pictures from T-Mobile and the HTC Flyer. HTC is currently offering a WiFi-only model of the HTC Flyer through Best Buy. That model comes with support for an optional digitizer pen accessory and comes with Android 2.3, a 7-inch 1024 X 600 resolution display, a micro SDHC card slot, front- and rear-facing cameras, and GPS support. The Flyer has a 1.5 GHz single-core CPU.

Prior rumors suggest that the Flyer may launch on T-Mobile on July 6th.

T-Mobile drops price of the LG-Slate, now 399.99 with 2 years contract

By: t-marco June 10th, 2011

T-Mobile has dropped the price of its G-Slate tablet to $399.99 with 2 years contract but with 200 mail in rebate. The LG G-Slate was one of the first tablets to run Honeycomb when it came out, and looked like a true competitor to the iPad with a brilliant 8.9” display panel with native resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels, 1GHz dual-core processor, Android 3.0, full HD 1080p video recording capability, 9 hours of promised battery life and these all encased in only 620gms.

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T-Mobile Angry Birds Live video!

By: t-marco June 9th, 2011

Every one loves Angry Birds on your Android phone, but what about a live game.. actually the biggest Angry birds game in town.

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