T-Mobile’ New Event this June 8th, unleashing 3 new HTC phones

By: t-marco May 31st, 2011

T-Mobile will have an even this June 8th exclusively for showing 3 new HTC (android) phones.  Just few days ago, we told you about the road map leaked showing all the phones that will come to T-Mobile this year. One of the most anticipated phones is the new HTC Sensation 4G. The other is the new HTC Doubleshot or myTouch 4G Slide. At the same time, HTC will introduce, the T-Mo version of the Wildfire S running under T-MO 3G and possibly 4G bands.

Now everything makes sense.. T-Mobile is offering the G2 for free until this thursday.. trying to sell as much as they can for the new HTC phones?

Statement :

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Deal of the week … T-Mobile G2 for free

By: t-marco May 30th, 2011


T-Mobile has  a great deal for you today, the G2 is now free  the the offer expires June 2nd.  No rebates, now lies and not hidden fees. Grab yours today.

The G2 connects at 4G speeds. It has the Android 2.2 operating system ( soon upgrading  to Gingerbread) , an exclusive hinge design (HTC calls it “Z-Hinge”) that opens up to a QWERTY keyboard and a full touch screen 3.7” S-TFT WVGA with clear images and wide viewing angle.



Tomorrow is your last day to enjoy your Original T-Mobile Sidekick.. service shut down

By: t-marco May 30th, 2011

If you are an owner of the original Sidekick, try to get all the juice you can today and tomorrow.. Why?.. remember that T-Mobile, will shut down Sidekick services May 31st due to new model and new IO Android phones. T-Mobile also will offer you the best deals to switch to the new Sidekick 4G running Android 2.2.

Remember folks .. try to upgrade before you phone become useless tomorrow pass midnight

Here the official statement from T-Mobile

“We want to remind these customers as of May 31st, data services will no longer be available on Sidekick devices with the Danger Service, and ensure they understand their current options. Sidekick customers will still be able to place phone calls and send text messages but will not be able to access the Internet, send or receive e-mail, or access personal data on the service directly from the phone (contacts, photos, calendar, notes, to-do lists, etc.); personal data on the phone as of May 31st will remain, so long as the battery is not removed or completely drained – if either occurs, all personal data on the device will be discarded.”

Customers can still take steps to move to a new device by calling T-Mobile Customer Care. After May 31st and through June 30th, customers can still export their personal data directly from the Sidekick service through our enhanced Web tool on myT-Mobile.com, even though they can no longer access their data on the service directly from their device. After June 30, 2011, the Sidekick datacenter will be permanently closed and all data deleted to protect customer privacy.”

T-Mobile G2x missing from stores and website, software fix and update

By: t-marco May 27th, 2011

“Customer satisfaction for the G2x has been high, as with any new device, a small percentage of customers have commented about possible improvements and we are working with LG to deliver a software update, which we expect to offer some performance issues.” T-Mobile said after PC Magazine confirmed that some customers were experiencing random shutdowns, and reboots. T-Mobile is promising a new update ( Android 2.3.3) for the G2x this summer.

For now ,if you want to own a new G2x, you may have to wait .

Thanks T-Mo to fix quickly this issue.

HTC will not lock bootloaders for Android phones

By: t-marco May 27th, 2011

HTC had a policy of locking the Android bootloaders for its Thunderbolt, Incredible S, Sensation and EVO 3D, but the company’s policy of locking bootloaders is gone.  This is the Facebook post form HTC page:

“There has been overwhelmingly customer feedback that people want access to open bootloaders on HTC phones. I want you to know that we’ve listened. Today, I’m confirming we will no longer be locking the bootloaders on our devices. Thanks for your passion, support and patience.”



Nokia RM-626 aka C9 passed FCC with multi 3G bands, including T-Mo and AT&T

By: t-marco May 25th, 2011

Today FCC just passed the new Nokia C9 phone. There were so many rumors about his phone running WM 7, but its not. The Symbian^3 OS is dated April 2010, so it’s quite an old build by current standards but it’s the hardware that looks the most intriguing. For starters we’ve got a nicely sculpted body with a slide out full QWERTY keyboard. The screen looks like it’s a spacious 3.5-inches in size, then there is that 8-Megapixel camera on the back, which will be great for snaps and video.

The Nokia C9 will feature a front camera too for video chat, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooh, and OVi store, Quadband GSM, 850, 1700, 1900, and 2100 3G bands.

Stay tune for more information about the Nokia C9

T-Mobile will double HSPA+ speed in 55 markets this month

By: t-marco May 24th, 2011


T-Mobile is planning to announce Tuesday that Chicago is one of more than 50 markets where the carrier is upgrading its 4G network to deliver higher speeds.
“We can honestly say that customers in the Chicago area are going to see their top speeds being doubled,” Linda Murrain, vice president and general manager of the Chicago area for T-Mobile, told the Tribune in an interview.

Among the markets to soon get the hefty boost are Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland and San Francisco. These metro areas join three markets in which the carrier already announced the high-speed support in March: Las Vegas, New York and Orlando.

The company says it plans to deliver a total of 25 4G-capable devices in 2011 and expects 140 million Americans to have access to the up-to 42Mbps theoretical bandwidth by mid-2011.

WM7 Music Player style on your Android

By: t-marco May 23rd, 2011

Federico Cardenas, the developer of Launcher Pro, has designed a new option to play your favorite tunes.  The look and functionality of the Zune player is present(alpha status). The only thing it’s really lacking so far is a name, and obviously any Zune software integration. I have tried this apk and really works very smooth, it downloads covers and artists backgrounds via wifi or cellular network.

You can try it here